Verita Rivelata (Revealed Truth) – 1

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Well it’s my day to post at seasonal_spuffy and I have one fic for you. I am humbled with all the wonderful stories that have preceeded mine and hope this will entertain you well enough. And so, without further ado…….

Title: Verita Rivelata (Revealed Truth)
Rating: G
Setting: The summer between S6 and S7
Summary: Fairy Tale Challenge for Seasonal_Spuffy Spring posting. Like every other man in Buffy’s life, Spike is gone and Buffy’s dreams once more try to help her sort through things… if she would only listen! This was inspired by a challenge on Bloodshedverse site (#218) and the fairy tale challenge on seasonal_spuffy.
Disclaimer: ME and Joss Whedon own the rights to all Buffy and Angel characters and settings. The plot for this story is mine and I derive no financial compensation for it.


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