Valentine’s Day Special

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Gah! Almost forgot about posting this here! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

This is an NC17 sequel to a fic written for Valentine’s Day a couple of years ago, so don’t read it if you aren’t old enough. (forgot the link, here it is: It’s schmoopy, for all that.


Title: Valentine’s Day Special
Author: Slaymesoftly
Rating: pwp – NC17
Summary: a sequel to my Valentine’s Day pwp of a few years ago, (God Bless St. Valentine), this one begins immediately after the ending of that one. I don’t know that it’s necessary to have read the first one, but it would definitely help explain what’s going on here. ☺ We begin with Spike and Buffy cuddling in his bed…
AN: This fic plays a bit fast and loose with the timeline of events in Season Six, but since the whole thing is a “don’t we wish” fantasy in the first place, I’ll just ask you to forget about anything that doesn’t jibe with canon. Thanks.:)

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