Together Again – 1 and 2

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And I’m not quite failing miserably, although it might be close… My intended SS entry is five completed chapters in to a probably six or seven chapters. So, I’ll post what I have today (perhaps a couple of chapters now and more when I get to the land of broadband in a few hours) and hope to have those last chapters finished by the next/last free-for-all day. If that doesn’t happen, I’ll just post the link to my journal and website where those last chapters will be found when they’re completed.

To make up for it, I’ll post a link to my current wip, the theme of which really fits the theme this round as well as, if not better than, this one. Operating on the assumption that there are people reading here who may not be reading Spuffy anymore and won’t have seen it. It’s long, so no obligation to read it as a SS entry – just throwing it out there because so many people have contributed more than one, relatively short, unfinished fic. :)

So, here are the Prologue and Chapters One and Two of Together Again It takes place in some non-specific future well after the events of season eight comics and in no way related to them except for a couple of quick references to events there. I don’t think knowledge of that season is necessary as I’ve tried to provide enough information to explain the references without going into the whole plot arcs that led up to them.

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Together Again – 6

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Together Again

So, free for all day and all I have is a very new Chapter Six of Together Again. This is not the last chapter; probably not even the next to last. But it’s all I’ve got by now. I’ve gone over it fairly often for something that was still being written this morning, and every time I find something – a typo, a missing word, a little teeny bit of inconsistency with what went before…. My feelings will not be hurt it you give me a poke about something. Chances are, the version that goes up on the archives, and after that, on my own website, will be in much better shape. But it is what it is. As I finish more chapters (probably no more than two, but who knows how the fight will go?), they’ll be available on my LJ under the tag for this story.

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