Fic: ‘The Page of Wands’ by Quinara (PG-13) [1/5]

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Hello Seasonal Spuffy!!! So excited to be back for the tenth year of Spuffiness; thanks to all the mods who’ve been keeping this place going. I have been more than remiss with everything that’s been posted so far – hoping to remedy that ASAP.

My offering for today is a new completed fic, which is about 11,000 words in total and spread across five short chapters. I had many grander plans, but it was suggested to me around the time I was stressing out about having nothing that it would be sensible to do something straightforward. What this meant was finding one of the beginnings in my WIP folder and winging the rest of the story, which has resulted in something fairly indulgent of my fic predilections. Which is surely in theme with all of the random shite I have presented to this community over the years!

So, where does this story come from? Well, fans of the comics may remember that a few months(?) ago, there was an issue previewed and then released about Buffy going inside Spike’s head. I don’t actually read the comics, but I love all of that stuff, so I was intrigued. Of course, it seems as though the comic writers and I disagree about how that sort of storyline should play out, so I was inspired to do my own version. As a story actually about the plotline of the comics, this thing pretty much stalled, so what I’ve done instead is really a riff on the basic premise of that issue. It’s a story that could be set in a much more generic futureverse, but hopefully it also fits within the comics canon, for people who would like it to! There are kittens. Also tarot…

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