The Lost Summer, Chapter One

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I decided to write a story this round, since I never got around to it last time. Instead of going for a short story, or for thinking of something… well, let’s be redundant – short, I decided to create a new WIP *weeps* I’m horrible. But that’s okay! I think…

Anyway, I currently have seven chapters, most of which should go up today, but it is with great woe that I tell you that it is not even halfway finished (seriously – GREAT WOE.) I hope you enjoy what there is so far, and if you want to friend me to follow along – that’s fine!

Title: The Lost Summer
Author: itmustbetuesday
Rating: PG-13 so far
Disclaimers: For ‘Owners of Buffy’, refer to ‘Joss Whedon’, ‘Mutant Enemy’, ‘WB’, and/or ‘UPN.’ For ‘Person Who’s Not Making Any Money Off of This Whatsoever’, see ‘itmustbetuesday’.
Spoilers: Everything’s fair game, I believe. Starts off a year after Not Fade Away, and then… well, you’ll see.
Summary: When Buffy is stabbed by a strange demon, she finds herself in a place she’d never thought she’d be again – confronted by a lost love and trapped in a world she’d thought she’d lost.
Author’s Notes: Thanks to enigmaticblues  for the “Is this any good?” look throughs that quickly became betaing. You rock!  Continue Reading

The Lost Summer (final chapter of the night)

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This chapter is also beta-free. I’m sorry it took me so long to get all this posted, but things kept getting in the way! I will do my best to write as much of this as I can – I don’t want to leave people hanging (says she with the many WIPs). So one last chapter for tonight, folks:

 Chapter 7

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