The Gentleman Returns, Part 1

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So, being without my laptop for almost three weeks meant I totally missed my posting day, in spite of the fic having been completed weeks ago. (note to self – sometimes it’s a good idea to store things in more than one place…) Thanks to gillo who so ably filled in for me that day. And extra thanks to abelina who not only was my extra set of eyes on this fic as I wrote it, but who stepped in to take over my assigned mod duties at Seasonal Spuffy this round.(Any typos on the fic are probably the result of my tinkering even as I’m posting and not a failure of Abelina’s eagle eyes.)

Anyway, it’s Free For All Day now and my fic is ready to go. I think I’ll post it in three separate posts as it’s a bit over 20,000 words and one or two probably isn’t going to do it. This fic is the fourth (and last) in a series that began with an old semi-pwp ficlet set during the Halloween episode in season 2, and continued in two other ficlets set in that same AU season 2 world. By the time the third fic ended, Spike and Buffy were realizing that their “truce” was a bit more than that. But, it was season 2, Spike was still in love with Dru and Buffy was still in love with Angel (although not real fond of Angelus…) and, yeah, a Spuffy relationship wasn’t an option. Not then, anyway. This longer fic takes place a year later.

Behind the cut are the first two chapters of The Gentleman Returns. The next two installments will go up as quickly as I can get to it.

 Title: The Gentleman Returns
Author: Slaymesoftly
Era/season: Season Three
Rating: R
Genre: AU early seasons?

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