Ring of Fire 1/5

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Well, today is my day to post and I have a small fic offering. I’m posting this unbeta’d so I don’t miss my date but will replace it with the prettied up version once my spectacular and perfect Beta does her magic (since she is trying to get her own story completion ready to post I didn’t want to add to her stress). I believe it to be readable at this point so you shouldn’t have to cringe but Mary makes it just perfect and that’s how I’ll want the final version to be.

Thank you to the mods who keep this site alive and to all who contribute to our little fandom treasure trove. I’m excited that I get to start reading and enjoying now that mine is done!

Without further ado then:

Title: Ring of Fire
Rating: PG13 with a very mild R in the 4th chapter
Summary: Loving Buffy is never a stable environment as Spike has learned since her return from heaven. All he’s done is to try to help and all it’s achieved is to make things worse. So what might actually help this broken Slayer?
Setting: S6 all canon through “Dead Things” then it goes AU to varying degrees after Chapter 1.

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