Look Who’s Stalking – 1

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Ok. Whee! It’s my day. Once again, if the lj-cut doesn’t work, I will delete and try again.
I may not finish by midnight but if I don’t,the end will be up on my LJ over the next few days. I’ve had to do a lot of important napping.

Title: Look Who’s Stalking
Author: buffyprof
Rating: ? R (for now)–last chap. may go to NC-17.
Warnings: Humor. Angst. Fresh Scents.
Summary: Buffy is losing it in LA but thinks she isn’t. Andrew let it slip that Spike was alive–and don’t you really hate it when the boy doesn’t call? (Set around the time of The Girl In Question, but imagine SMG was available after all. Angel and Spike did not go to Rome but they do know about the Immortal.)
Notes: Response to a self-imposed challenge that Buffy must not smell like vanilla. Concession to Seasonal Spuffy challenge: fic includes an unlikely fairy godmother. There are other internal challenges and anyone who spots one will get a (virtual) prize! Thanks to my beta denny_dc for loads of help on these first chapters.
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