If That’s What it Takes – 1

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Titlle: If That’s What it Takes
Author: Slaymesoftly
Word count/chapters: 36,400 + or – (13 Chapters)
Rating: Strong R (eventually)
Not my characters, not my world. Very grateful Joss allows me to play there.
Beta and banner by alwaysjbj
Summary: Takes place in an alternate season six where Buffy did not die in a dive off Glory’s tower, but was still gone for a good bit of the summer. Without the depression caused by her resurrection, she has accepted Spike’s presence more readily and learned to appreciate the help and companionship he can offer as she goes about her nightly duties. The Nerd Trio are still the villains of the season, but things play out a little differently from canon, starting with a portal that Willow accidentally opens where Buffy and Spike are standing…

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If That’s What it Takes – 7, 8 and 9

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Moving right along – I see that the community rules say not to link to elsewhere, so I’ll try to get it all up tonight. Maybe I can do three chapters at a time? Might try that. I know many readers like to get one chapter at a time, spread out so they have time to read, but you don’t get that if you buy a book, so… I’ll try to find time this weekend to go back and link the chapters to make it easier on everyone. Meanwhile, behind the cut…
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