Fic – Hotel Suite

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It’s my day – or was until an hour ago. A mod gave me permission to post now, though, as it’s before bedtime, just. (Guess which mod. ;-) )

Here’s a fic which started out as a ficlet but just growed. This bit is G-rated, as mild as you get. I’m not planning for it to stay that way, though. The rest will come on the Free-For-All day.
Word tells me it’s 1,575 words. Spuffy. But you guessed that.

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Fic – Hotel Suite Part 2

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In which I admit to being a moron.

Originally my day was to have been Tuesday last week, but at a slightly later point it seemed to make sense to switch to today, which was then vacant.

However, BECAUSE I AM A MORON I actually posted on Tuesday, which was NOT MY DAY. I apologised properly to the lovely sintonia, who was extremely kind and gracious about it.

So, today is officially my day. And it so happens I have another chapter of my fic, Hotel Suite ready to post. And a banner I made to go with it. This is the landscape you should imagine, folks.

Still PG at most – and that only because of Spike’s language.
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Fic – Hotel Suite Part 4

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As I agreed to the second free-for-all day, I thought I should have something to post on it. This is not quite the end of the story, but very close, and will be followed, tomorrow I hope, by a final section, which won’t be quite so vanilla.

Chapter Four, 957 words. PG13.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to this session of – you have produced some fabulous stories and artwork. Long may our little corner of this fandom continue.

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