Fic, Elemental Slayer (Sequel fic to Show Me Something Blue)

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Firstly, I’m feeling extremely nervous about posting this round for some reason.
This fic is a sequel to Show Me Something Blue. ((R) Set during the episode Something Blue. Buffy comes to her senses before she trashes those drool-worthy lips of Spike!) I know it is somewhat a disadvantage to those who haven’t read the fic, but if it helps, it’s not very long. The main gist is that Buffy continues the engagement so as to not draw attention to the fact she is powerless against magical attack. I would like to think this fic can be read in isolation, but I can be quite oblivious to some things so if it can’t, someone please tell me!
Summary: Set at the beginnings of season five but will branch off-canon. Spike is in LA and about to return to Buffy when he runs into some trouble. A new threat to the Slayer appears, bringing his own brand of blackmail and magic that will tear all their lives apart.
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