Beyond Truth and Lies – Prologue

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My time has come… I won’t say how much I have stressed over my day, but boy am I relieved to finally get it over with. I have a short fic (6 chapters and prologue) and another short that I will post at the end.

Title: Beyond Truth and Lies
Rating: Strong R for final chapter
Disclaimer: BtVS belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy
Timeline: Post Chosen
Summary: When time refuses to heal her broken heart, a desperate Buffy asks Willow to lend a magical hand. But when she gets her wish, Buffy is forced to realize that there is truly something worse than losing the one you love.
A/N: Many many thanks to hollydb and schehrezade_1 for betaing and keeping me on track. And a special thank you to spikeslovebite for always being there when I needed it.

Mandi is my hero. Thank you vampkiss for this gorgeous banner.

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