FIC : Always My Muse 1/4

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Well, it’s my turn to play in enigmatic_blue‘s back yard. I’ve just squeaked in in SOMEBODY’s time zone, because it sure isn’t mine! But I’m delighted to be here and many thanks to the wonderful enigmatic_blue for running this community and for letting us play. Now, my muse has been absent for ages, so this is particularly fitting to the poetry theme and losing your muse. This fic is complete in four chapters, but as I’ve only just finished and sent it to be looked over, I’m posting the first chapter unbeta’d and will correct any problems when the chapter is returned. Sorry – my ability to organise time has completely deserted me lately. Anyhoo, here it is – ALWAYS MY MUSE.

AUTHOR: spikesdeb
TITLE: Always My Muse
SETTING: erm… not sure, after Pangs and Something Blue…maybe long after. Definitely after Spike started showing up and helping. Maybe even an alternative universe, who knows?
UNBETA’D at this stage; please bear with me and let me know if there are any glaring errors. I’ll add the remaining chapters once I’ve had them back in a lucid form rather than my ramblings. Hope you enjoy!

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