Seeing Pink (alternative)

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Title: Seeing Pink
Rating: PG-13 (I think)
Medium: fanfic
Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy!
Summary: A spuffy fan’s take on how to change Seeing Red to get a happy ending and a “new era”. This is pure wish fulfilment. Written for Seasonal Spuffy. I’m so excited!
Warnings and notes:
– Seeing Red upsets me so I decided to change the entire thing to fit my tastes.
– Contains reference to the episode ‘Seeing Red’ and so consequently to rape.
– I have changed things to meet my needs – and/or my muses demands.
– It is from Spike’s POV
– Flashbacks are in italics – and taken directly from the show.

Sorry, I tried to post it to livejournal as we are supposed to but as LJ, in it’s infinite wisdom decided that it apparently has nothing better to do today than force everything to have to be submitted at least five times, destroy the formatting and then – when it is finally correct and perfect in preview – remove all paragraphs once it is actually posted I realise that it might actually be a bit hard to read. Below is a link to it on Dark Solace so that it is actually readable:

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