Seasonal Spuffy Wallpaper and Icons

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I would like to thank enigmaticblues  for all the hard work on this community, and for finding me a spot after I forgot to sign up.


Spike was in a while sweater, which I was very fond of, but I changed it to burgundy so he would blend in with the background.
Buffy’s dress was changed from blue polka-dots to black, and I gave her more hair.

Objects used:

As usual my main background is courtesy of the Hubble Telescope (May it Get Better Soon).  The dragon is from a floor carving in Beijing.
The background also has a close-up of aluminum foil, an oriental brocade, some pretty rocks,an antique Victorian fan, and a fractal design.
The mystic circle thingy in the front is a Photoshop brush courtesy of Obsidian Dawn.

Photoshop Layers: 52

Widescreen (1920 x 1200)



Fullscreen (1280 x 1024)

Icons! (Right click to save)


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