Seasonal Spuffy – Graphics Once More With Feeling

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And here we are  – Spuffy in the comic books Buffy Season 10 and their “Second Chance” at sharing their lives together in a loving relationship that is based on equality and acceptance of their lives –  both the light/positive and the dark/negative aspects that are part of who Buffy and Spike are.  We shall see if Joss Whedon and Dark Horse will finally place Buffy on this very important new phase of her life – moving on from her earlier love experiences and allowing herself to find happiness with Spike.  As for Spike- he has been loving this woman for so long but he has also made some very important changes for his own life that has taken him away from his “love’s bitch” existence and he knows that he no longer wants to live at the outer edges of her life.  We shall see – but Buffy and Spike have placed “all their Spuffy eggs in the Soul Basket”  and I just hope that this time they will find love together.

Original Art – Steve Morris Issue #4  – Dark Horse Comics

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