Season 2 Drabbles (4/4)

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Here’s the last set, folks. Thanks for all the comments thus far. I’m gonna get this posted and start replying. ^_^ Also, just wanted to take a moment on behalf of myself and spikesdeb to thank enigmaticblues for having us this season.


Episode 29

Spike had to admit, the Slayer could fight. He would have appreciated it more – and not that seeing her lay into Angelus wasn’t spectacular – but it was taking place in his own bloody home.

“Uh, uh. No fair going into the ring unless he tags you first,” Spike murmured and grabbed hold of Drusilla’s wrist when she would have interfered. Couldn’t have anything prevent his grandsire’s comeuppance.

He winced when the Slayer buckled beneath a particularly harsh kick and told himself it was because he wanted Angelus to lose, not because he cared whether or not the Slayer was hurt.



Episode 30

Angelus was an annoying prick, but was a font of information when he was in a rant. Something twisted inside his gut when he heard that the Slayer wasn’t up to par, and he barely held back his demon when Angelus announced his intentions to pay the girl a visit at the hospital.

Alone in his room, Spike slowly paced back and forth, welcoming the jarring pain of every step he took. He focused on that, rather than the rising fear that Angelus would soon lay claim to having bested a slayer.

“Bested by a mere boy, Angelus? Tsk. Tsk.”



Episode 31

Spike couldn’t hide his grin when Angelus returned to the mansion. The Slayer was still alive and Angelus was shaken. Couldn’t be better. He watched as his grandsire scrubbed at his skin until it was red raw.

When Angelus and Dru headed out for a slaughter, Spike didn’t even mind the taunting. While they were gone he could try and settle himself, test his strength. Plan how best to get to the Slayer.

He’d had enough of being on the fringe of her life; it was time for the two of them to dance.

The Big Bad was back… finally.



Episode 32

He was going to rip the boy’s arms off and take great pleasure in doing so. The Slayer wasn’t supposed to be entertaining thoughts of another.

He stalked towards the pool table, intent on his target, eyes flashing when the boy walked off and confronted the Slayer. Their ensuing conversation made his brows draw together, though it did temper the jealousy he’d been feeling.

The Slayer left not long afterwards and Spike started after her, only to freeze at the entrance when he felt Angelus’ presence lurking outside the door.

Cursing under his breath, he ducked back inside.

Another time.



Episode 33

Spike hid his smirk as Angelus’ plan to awaken Acathla came to naught.

“Someone wasn’t worthy,” he sing-songed, delighting in the glint of anger it provoked in his grandsire’s eyes.

He listened attentively when Angelus and Dru planned the abduction of the Watcher. It was unusually clever for Angelus, he’d give him that.

The Slayer’s friends may be her strength, but they were also her weakness. It was something he’d planned to use against her.

Sneaking out of the mansion when Angelus and Dru began pawing at each other, he went in search of his prey.

Let the dance begin.



Episode 34

The anguish she felt when he turned cold eyes to her and announced the conditions of his truce was unlike anything she’d ever felt before.

“Fine,” she ground out.

Rather than let him see her pain, she stared at him through narrowed eyes and walked him to the door.

It burst back open a moment later and she was manhandled against the wall, then his lips were on hers and he was kissing her… and she was kissing him back.

She fell to her knees sobbing, not because of the vampire she’d killed, but the one that had walked away.



Yes, yes… not exactly the most fluffy ending, now is it? Both myself and debated keeping Spike around for season 3, but in the end figured it was better to have him leave.

But fear not, oh faithful Spuffy-ers, he’ll be back. And our two blondes will eventually get past their hatred anger mutual stubborness.


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