Scenes from the Past by Denny – Chapter II, Normal

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Here goes chapter II, under the cut.

Scenes from the Past by Denny


Title: Scenes from the Past
Author: Denny
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Spike/Buffy (of course)
Author’s Note: This is about living forever, and what it means to a vampire, the love of his life, and a witch, who has challenges being a best friend. By the way, it takes huge liberties with canon (sorry), but the essence of Jossverse is here. It’s short (less than 10,000 words) and I may get it all posted before dawn. If I don’t, you’ll find it the final chapter (or two) in my lj. 

Scenes from the Past by Denny
Chapter II – Normal

They settled into repose
Lying quietly next to each other
Side by side in the large white bed
Neither caring to turn or roll any closer
Afraid of finding a heart hiding between them
Buried beneath the sheets

Denny S. Bryce


Los Angeles, California, Spike’s Apartment – October 2004

Buffy lay naked at the foot of the bed, watching Spike leaning against the bedpost, his legs spread apart, stroking his swollen cock and smirking. He enjoyed giving her an eyeful. Such the temptress, he was rolling his hips from side-to-side, a slow smile curling his lips. It made Buffy wet just looking at him.

Still, she dropped her gaze to the sheets crumpled in the middle of the bed between them. She wanted him so much she felt dizzy, like if she didn’t have him, she’d die. She peered up at his smiling face and her body tingled all over.

“Love, come here.” Spike reached out to her.

Shifting onto her knees, Buffy crawled across the bed and rested her head on his thigh.

“Sorry about today.” Spike moved her hair from his path as he scooted down in the bed to lie next to her, his head against her chest.

“That’s okay,” breathed Buffy as Spike took one of her breasts into his mouth and rolled his tongue over the nipple. The tugging sensation went to her cunt, and she trembled as Spike’s sucking became more urgent. Then he released her nipple, wrapped his arms around her waist, and flipped her up onto his chest.

“Wow, that was awfully manly of you,” Buffy grinned, straddling Spike.

“Have to make up for my bloody screw-up with Willow.”

“It wasn’t that bad.” She slid her went pussy over his stomach and then rising up, eased her body down onto his cock. “She’ll get over it.”

“Mmmmm… yeah… bloody hope so.” Spike grabbed her hips and began moving her back and forth slowly as she pushed down, embedding herself on his shaft.

“That’s good.”

Buffy pouted. “Just good?”

“No… bloody perfect.”

Los Angeles, California, Spike’s Apartment – October 2005

There was no good reason for Buffy to feel the way she did. Spike had left her with enough to get more than just by. She had the apartment in Rome and the house in Los Angeles. She owned the cars, and he’d arranged for her to receive an untraceable check the first of each month from Wolfram & Hart.

She didn’t have to worry about her reputation or her pride either. He’d told their friends that she’d left him after he’d screwed up one time too many. Hadn’t even mattered what he’d done. Most of the people they knew believed without thinking twice that it had to have been his fault. She couldn’t possibly be the blame. He’d been the black mark on her otherwise normal life from the moment he’d shown up in Rome. That was the general feeling among her friends and family. Giles definitely felt that way. Good riddance to bad blood, he’d grunted upon hearing the news of the breakup.

Buffy just didn’t have the courage to tell anyone the truth.


“How dare you tell me not to speak to Spike?” Buffy hated Giles this morning. Here she was in her own kitchen listening to her former Watcher discredit the vampire — the man — she loved. True no one knew she still loved him, still self-righteous Giles was pissing her off. “I don’t have to listen to this.” She started clearing the dishes from the countertop, thinking she probably shouldn’t have invited him to breakfast. He was only in town a few days. They could have skipped this visit.

“Someone has to talk some sense into you, Buffy,” he said. “Spike has betrayed us. You were right to kick him out.”

“You don’t know the whole story.”

“I know enough to urge you not to reverse a good decision.”

She snatched some paper towels from the holder. “Past tense, Giles. Past tense. I no longer have to listen to your advice let alone follow it.”

Giles removed his glasses and wiped them off with the handkerchief he always seemed to have handy. “Willow has been your trusted friend for years. You’re going to throw that friendship away because of Spike?”

“What if he’s not lying, Giles?” She slammed the refrigerator door shut. “What if he knows something about Willow?”

“Doesn’t seem bloody likely, Buffy.”

“You don’t know that Giles.”

“Then why did you put him out?” Giles inquired, raising his eyebrow as he peered at Buffy over the rim of his glasses.

“The reason I’m not with Spike has nothing to do with Willow. It’s personal, but the change in our living situation doesn’t mean we aren’t still… friends.”

Giles removed his glasses. “I do not like the sound of that Buffy. You’ve been in and out of a relationship with him for years.”

“Well that couldn’t be helped. Some of that time he was dead, a ghost, then dead again, and you know the rest.”

“Yes Buffy, I do know.” Giles said. “And in between, you’ve broken up how many times?”

“This time it’s different, Giles.”

“Why? Because he’s human?” Giles picked up his coffee mug and carried it to the sink. “Spike is always Spike, Buffy.”

to be continued… after Heroes:)…


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