Results of Spuffy Image Poll

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The Spuffy Image Poll is now closed. Some of the results were surprising. (At least to me!)

As promised below the cut are the results.

1. Which image do you think represents the most important Spuffy moment?

1st place- #6 Intervention 2nd place-tie #4 FFL 2nd place-tie #19 Touched

2. Don’t think about this, just close your eyes and picture Spuffy. Which image do you think represents the iconic Spuffy image?

1st place- #21 Chosen 2nd place #11 Smashed

3. Which image gives you the most Spuffy warm fuzzies?

1st place- #19 Touched
2nd place-tie #7 After Life 2nd place-tie #16 Showtime 2nd place-tie # 20 Chosen

4. Which image is your least favorite?

1st place- #5 Intervention 2nd place- # 14 Grave

5. If you wanted a Spuffy banner, which images would want on the banner? (pick 3)

1st place- #7 After Life 2nd place- #19 Touched
3rd place tie- #4 FFL 3rd place tie- #20 Chosen


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