Podfic, various authors. R rated, tops.

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Just in case anyone doesn’t know: Podfic – FanFiction that is read aloud and then made available for download. Here’s a handy tutorial.

Many thanks to all the authors who gave me permission to record their work and everyone who suggested stories. Extra thanks for anyone who found me links that I then didn’t use. Please remember to leave feedback for the author if you enjoy a story.

These stories are ordered by season, they’re all more or less canon-compliant. There’s nothing here that you wouldn’t find on the show, see the original text if you want more information about ratings/warnings.

Season Four
Title: Do You Believe?
Author: rebcake
MP3 download: MP3, 24MB (mediafire); or ZIP, 24MB (our site)


Season Five
Title: I love her, I hate her
Author: bogwitch
MP3 download: MP3, 5MB (mediafire); or ZIP, 5MB (our site)


Title: In Peace
Author: penny_lane_42
MP3 download: Link (mediafire); or ZIP, 11MB (our site)


Season Six
Title: And So This is Christmas and Part Two
Author: confusedkayt
MP3 download: (file missing)

Title: Hope Enough
Author: garnigal
MP3 download: MP3, 2MB (mediafire); or ZIP, 2MB (our site)


Season Seven
Title: Something for the Pain
Author: ruuger
MP3 download: MP3, 12MB  (mediafire); or ZIP, 12MB (our site)


Title: Microwave Meals
Author: quinara
MP3 download: MP3, 14MB  (mediafire); or ZIP, 14MB (our site)


Title: Return to Abnormal
Author: st_salieri
MP3 download: MP3, 11MB (mediafire); or ZIP, 11MB (our site)


Title: What I Mean
Author: hecatehatesthat
MP3 download: MP3, 7MB (mediafire); or ZIP, 7MB (our site)


Post Series
Title: Instinct
Author: crackers4jenn
MP3 download: MP3, 14MB (mediafire); or ZIP, 14MB (our site)

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