Persons in Mirror… Chapter 2/?

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The LJ cut is acting funky for me for some reason.  Odd.  Or maybe they changed and I didn’t read the announcement.   Anyway, here’s chapter 2.

Chapter 2


Buffy, Willow, and Anya spent several hours at Cordelia’s house getting ready for the party at the Crawford Street mansion. The only problem the four of them ran into was that they quickly discovered that Cordy’s mom had, that very day, donated her wigs to charity. The girls finally decided to stick with their own hair color due to time constraints.

Just before dark, Cordelia drove the girls to the mansion in the car her father gave to her for her eighteenth birthday. They were due to meet Angel, Xander, and Oz at sunset.

“Maybe we can find you a boyfriend tonight,” Willow gushed. She grinned at Buffy.

“Yes, you are in need of some good orgasms,” Anya replied in her blunt style.

“I told you before I’m so over the dating thing.” Buffy rolled her eyes. Her last two official boyfriends had been ‘poopheads’ to quote Willow. “If I wanted to date another asshole, I’d be dating Spike.”

“Well, he is hotter than Parker or Riley,” Anya said. Her eyes had a far away look. “Have you seen the size of the bulge in his pants?”

“Anya!” the other girls protested with a giggle.

Anya gave her friends a dirty look, but she soon joined in on the gigglefest. They were still laughing when they pulled up to park beside Angel’s convertible.

“What’s so funny?” Xander asked. He looked from girl to girl.

“Nothing!” Buffy blurted out. “Nothing at all.” She looked the boys over. “Angel?” She frowned. “You look more like Maddox, Joan’s arch-enemy than Dracula.”

“Looks like a bloody poofter, if you ask me. What a nancyboy.” Spike stepped out from behind a tree. His duster was tied closed for a change.

“Nobody asked you for your opinion,” Buffy growled with a stomp of her foot. She gave the bleached blond a contemptuous look that covered her intense study of him. She was thrilled to see the flash of brown tweed near Spike’s feet.

Angel and Xander stepped towards Spike in a threatening manner, but Buffy waved them back. “I can handle Spike, guys,” she said.

“Only in your dreams, Betty,” Spike sneered. When he saw Clem stroll up eating cheese puffs, Spike gave Buffy’s male friends a two fingered salute before he went to join his friend.

“He had it covered, damn it,” Anya giggled.

“What are you talking about?” Angel asked.

“Never you mind, baby.” Cordelia gave her boyfriend a sultry wink.

“Oh, brother.” Buffy rolled her eyes at her girlfriends’ antics. “Let’s get inside. I can’t wait to see what they’ve done with the place.”

Buffy and her friends approached the front door of the mansion. They were greeted by a young woman who gave them all colored wristbands.

“What are these for?” Willow asked the woman in a curious voice.

“Oh, those are for special VIP guests who dress up appropriately,” the woman answered with a bright smile.

As the gang of friends entered the mansion, Anya whispered, “That woman reminded me of the brainwashing video in the Scooby Doo movie.”

Buffy looked back over her shoulder. “Yeah, she does.” Then she shrugged. “Probably is. I mean, if the guy who created Joan the Vampire Slayer is really here, I bet there are lots of actors hanging around.”

“Oh, you’re right.” Cordelia peered at the crowd milling around. “Maybe we can get some autographs.”

“Attention, party goers!” A voice boomed over the din of the crowd. “Can I have all the Joans and Randys wearing yellow wristbands meet in the upstairs parlor? This is the room at the end of the hall marked Joan’s Boudoir. All other Joans and Randys meet up in the kitchen area.”

“Oh, that’s me!” Buffy clapped her hands in delight. “I better go.” She rushed away from her friends as she kept an eye out for Spike. She hoped he had a yellow wristband too.

The booming voice directed the other costumed teenagers to where they were supposed to be also. The Scooby couples were happy that they were able to stay with their significant other. None of them thought another thing about it as they too ended up in room decorated like sets from Joan the Vampire Slayer. They didn’t seem to care even when they discovered they were the only couples in said rooms.


Buffy slowly made her way down the hallway towards the room she needed to be in. She let out a shriek when a hand grabbed her, and she was dragged into a darkened side hall. Buffy sighed in relief when a familiar lean body pressed her up against the wall.

“Slayer,” Spike hissed into the flesh of her neck through his plastic fangs. “Alone at last.”

“Spike,” Buffy giggled. “That tickles.” She put her arms around her boyfriend.

“I’m a fierce, hungry vampire. You’re supposed to be scared, not laughing at me,” Spike pouted.

“Sorry, sorry.” Buffy suppressed another giggle. “Oh, I’m so scared. There’s a fierce, hungry vampire gonna eat me all up.”

“Don’t scoff, little girl.” Spike pressed Buffy up against the wall with his body. He put his mouth back on her skin, and he mock bit her with his toy fangs.


“They should all be in place by now,” Whistler said. “Are you sure you can do this?”

Giles gave the man a dirty look. “Are you questioning my skills?”

Whistler let out a huff. “No, I’m just worried. If this gets messed up, I’ll be demoted.”

“Let’s get this over with then!” Giles went to light the candles scattered around the table. “Call in the others, please.”

Whistler went to the door. “Fred, Gunn, Wesley. It’s time!”


Spike and Buffy stumbled further down the darkened hallway. They were attached at the lips, and their hands wandered over each other’s bodies as they tried to unzip and unbutton their clothes.

Suddenly the blond lovers stiffened as if struck by a jolt of electricity. Buffy pulled away from Spike, but she kept her arms around him. “Where are we, Spike? The last thing I remember was that you were tied up in my bedroom.” Buffy knew she should pull away. After all, the vampire had just admitted killing again despite the chip.

Spike shifted into game face. He sniffed the air. “We’re at the mansion. The rest of the Scoobies are here too. Peaches and the cheerleader are here too.”

“So, I’m blacking out too now? We all are?” Buffy asked in a worried voice. “This can’t be good.”

Spike tilted his head to listen. “The others are confused too, Slayer. The last thing Cordelia remembers was being kidnapped back in May.”

Buffy looked confused. “That was six months ago.”

“Yeah, Angelus’ confused too.” Spike pulled away from Buffy a little. “Apparently someone, or something, has been wearin’ the bint’s body.”

Buffy nibbled on her lip in a worried fashion. “Let’s go round up the others.” She stepped away from the bleached blond vampire, but she found herself feeling bereft of his cool body. So, she grabbed his hand to drag him towards the lighted corridor.

As Buffy emerged into the main hallway, she noticed three men cautiously climbing the stairs. She pointed at one, and she growled, “YOU!”


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