Passo Doble

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Well… today is my day and even though it is bloody early I want to post these before sleep and work make it very late on the 13th for everyone to read. I am starting with a simple drabble and have four other short fic’s this time.

First I would like to thank enigmatic_blue for hosting this community, this great resource for those of us never willing to give up on this pair of star crossed lovers. Also thanks to the amazingly creative alwaysjbj for the lovely artwork this season. I can’t wait to read the stories already posted (I always wait till my date is done) and enjoy the art and games as well. Thank you all.


Title: Passo Doble (A drabble set at end of “Fool For Love”)
Medium: Fic
Author: Pfeifferpack
Rating: G
Summary: The Passo Doble is a dance inspired by bullfighting… very intricate and stylized. Bullfights rarely end well for the bull.
Disclaimer: All rights belong to Joss Whedon and ME and their corporate overlords. I derive no compensation from this work as all rights are reserved by them.

“All we’ve ever done is dance.” A dance with flair, passion.

He loves to fan that flame, play with fire. She’s all heat and he desires warmth.

At times their dance has left both partners bruised and bleeding, yet each time the tune plays they race to the dance floor.

She came to him asking to learn the steps. He led with tales guaranteed to fuel her fire, then offered a demonstration. The pattern set, they twirled and pirouetted then, his guard down, he revealed his vulnerable, yearning heart. She closed in, armed with words, and speared the bull.


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