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Title: Pandemonium
Author: Sway
Rating: NC-17 for language, sexual situations and violence
Setting: wish!verse
Summary: Sunnydale has never seen a Slayer, and the Master rules over the small town. As the vampire plans to broaden his influence, the called but never active Watcher Rupert Giles sends for help – Buffy Summers, a young girl hardened by too many lost fights against the undead. At the same time, the vampire couple Drusilla and Spike arrive in Sunnydale. Spike doesn’t only want to cure his girlfriend from her increasing sickness, he’s set on the mission to kill every Slayer that crosses his path.
As the sworn enemies meet, the tables turn.

Disclaimer: Joss is the man, I own nothing. I just play with it. The chapter titles are Marilyn Manson songs which I don’t own either.
A/N: Originally, I wanted to have this story done by now. But as things go, it isn’t done. It’s a WIP for now. And unfortunately I didn’t have the time to send it off to my beta. So please not that this is not beta’d nor reviewed. I’m fully aware that they are glitches, typos and all sorts of mistakes. I hope you will still enjoy some of this. Feedback is love.
A/N 2: This is set in the wish!verse. But with a teensy bit of a twist. It’s a world on it’s own, it’s not created by Cordy’s wish. Anya also doesn’t exist there. It just happens to be this other Sunnydale. If you have an questions, if anything is unclear, please let me know. And yes, this is ultimately going to be a Spuffy-story. There are just things that need to be set up in order to get there. Patience is a virtue ;)
A/N 3: Once this is beta’d, reviewed and continued, you can find updates on my site or the various archives.


Prologue – Prelude (The Family Trip)

Someone had used blood red spray paint to convert “Sunnydale” into SunnyHELL”, an adjustment that applied to the small Southern Californian town in multiple ways.

There was a screech of brakes and tires before the black DeSoto smashed into the town sign. The car bumped over the curb, and came to a halt right in the middle of the smashed sign.

The door opened and loud music blared out. A leather boot appeared, followed by a jeans-cladded leg. A black leather duster flapped against the leg.

Spike pulled a mangled pack of cigarettes out of his duster’s pocket and lit one. He let out a plume of smoke, blue-grey against the nightdark sky. His distorted features changed into a smile, an evil wicked smile that would scare even the bravest person.

“Home sweet home.” The vampire exhaled more smoke through his nose and let his gaze sweep over his surroundings. There was no sound to be heard except for the siren of a car alarm, a barking dog and the scream of a woman.

“Feels just like my sort of place.” He hooked his thumb into his belt and leaned against the car.

“I can smell blood. It’s everywhere,” came the soft, fragile voice from within the car, almost inaudible over the loud music.

“It’s the Hellmouth, kitten,” he answered with a patience people only have for children and the insane. He slipped back into the car and reached over to the woman in the passenger seat.

Her raven black hair fell into her face, hiding her pale features from his view. Purple, almost black bruises showed on her milky skin where it wasn’t covered in white silk and lace.

“This doesn’t feel like home, Spike. I want to go home.” She looked at him with big dark eyes, eyes that were haunted and distant.

“I explained it to you, Dru. This is our new home. Your cure is here.” Spike ran his fingers over her cheek, barely touching her as though he was afraid to mame her even more.

“I want to be strong again. I want to be your princess.”

“You are, luv. You will always be my princess. Now let’s go, shall we? The Master is expecting us.” Pulling the car door shut, he started the engine and pulled the car off the grass strip he had parked on.


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