One more?

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Granted, the episode consisted of more than just the first fight, so here’s a little slightly AU look at the first contact:

From a list of prompts somewhere. I chose this one:  If only Spike had caught Buffy’s eye in that club…

Across a Crowded Room….

Is that skeevy guy looking at me? Guess he thinks he’s hot stuff, all leather and bleached hair. *shudder* Soooo not my type! I like ‘em tall, handsome and clean-cut, not short, sexy and creepy.

Okay, he did NOT just lick his lips while he was looking at me. It’s a good thing for him I don’t hit humans or he’d be—

Dancing with me. He’s dancing with me. And laughing at me. Son of a bitch thinks he’s funny. Can somebody laugh and be creepy at the same time? Oh, he’s had it now. I can feel vamp vibes, familiar vamp vibes. Just wait till Angel—

Guh. No Angel. And the guy is moving closer. All right, smart ass. Let’s see how you handle a Buffy summers ‘I can make you spontaneously combust just by smiling’ special. Uh huh. Thought so. Not laughing now, are you, bad boy? Uh huh. And now I’m just dancing away. You can watch my butt if you want to – it’s leaving.


Didn’t take long to spot this slayer. Normal girls can’t move like that. Caught me looking, didn’t she? Hasn’t figured out what I am yet. Probably not her type – little cheerleader looking thing like her. I’m a little too… real… for her taste, I’ll wager. Let’s see how good she is at spotting a vamp – kinda odd that she hasn’t sensed me yet – keeps looking around, but more like she’s expecting somebody—

Cute. She can blush at the same time she’s tryin’ to stare me down. This one has flair. Wonder what she’d be like to dance with? Think I’ll give it a shot. Doubt she’ll stake me in here even if she does figure it out. Bloody hell! What a shame this one has to die. I’d almost… how does a little goody two shoes like her know how to turn a man to jelly with a smile.

Okay, pet. You just dance yourself away. We’ll meet again. You can count on it.

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