Once Upon a Wish – 4

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Chapter Four

When Buffy returned, she was carrying a mug of warm blood, that she extended towards him with a shy, “I thought you might be hungry too.”

With a grateful smile, he sat up and put his feet on the patio floor, stopping the movement of the hammock.

“Thank you, luv. That was very thoughtful of you.”

“I can be thoughtful,” she said with some asperity, as though she thought he was accusing her of something.

“Never said you couldn’t, Slayer. Jus’ not something I usually get to be on the receiving end of, yeah?”

“No, I suppose not,” she agreed with a sigh, carefully lowering herself to the now-stationary hammock.

Thankful for her slayer flexibility, she lay easily on her stomach, having no problem with the arch in her back created by the sagging hammock bed. She closed her eyes and allowed herself to enjoy the quiet warmth of Spike’s companionship and the virtual lack of responsibility. She felt the hammock swing gently as Spike set his empty cup on the patio before easing back down beside her. Rather than lying down on his back again or trying to imitate her more limber body and lie on his stomach, he propped himself on one elbow and gazed down at the smooth, lightly tanned skin of her back.

Without thought for anything except his desire to feel that silken skin beneath his fingertips, he allowed his free hand to drift towards her back, gently stroking the golden skin there. Buffy shivered slightly at the contact, but didn’t flinch away or say anything to discourage him; emboldened, he leaned over and planted a light kiss on her shoulder, inhaling the heady aroma of her sun-warmed skin. Her heart sped up and Spike smiled to himself as he continued to stroke her back and shoulders, absently running his fingers back and forth along the thin tie that fastened her bikini top before sliding one finger under it, tracing the fabric’s path from one side of her back to the other.

Stretching out his supporting arm, he put his head down next to hers and allowed his free hand to move down to the dip of her waist and then lower, to slide across the skin just above the bikini’s bottom. Buffy’s pulse was pounding as she tried her best to ignore the sensations Spike was creating just by lightly caressing her. When he nuzzled her neck, flicking his tongue over the spot just behind her ear, she groaned and turned her head, meeting his eyes.

Their faces were barely inches apart as she searched his eyes, seeking something, anything there that could provide a reason for her body’s response; every cell was humming with desire after only a few barely noticeable caresses.

“What are you doing?” she whispered, very conscious of the nearness of those tempting and talented lips.

“Trying to seduce you,” he said honestly. His mouth moved closer to hers as he whispered, “Is it working?”

“I’m afraid it might be,” she whispered back, already opening her lips for his kiss and rolling to her side to face him.

For a while they were content to lie together, exploring the delights to be found in honest kisses, those not the result of any spell or, in Buffy’s case, a denial of whom she was really kissing. Their libidos, however, could not be denied, and it wasn’t long before their heavy breathing and moans of frustrated desire were drowning out the sounds of bird song in the surrounding woods. Spike’s leg slid between Buffy’s thighs and she wrapped her own tanned limb around his hip inresponse grinding her barely-covered pelvis into the offered muscular thigh.

The vampire had both arms around her and, as he pulled her more tightly against him, he rolled onto his back. Of course, rolling onto one’s back while in a hammock can be a less-than-safe maneuver– as they discovered when the hammock tipped, dumping them onto the patio. They landed, Buffy on the bottom, only to find that the stone had suddenly become a soft cushion rather than the painfully hard surface it had been only moments before. Go Fairy Godmother! she barely had time to think before her mind went somewhere else entirely.

Spike had caught himself on his elbows in an attempt to cushion his fall and not knock the wind out of Buffy; an action, that prevented his upper torso from jarring her, even as it drove their lower bodies together in a manner that brought groans from both as the bulge in his jeans pressedl between her legs. After another minute of fruitless grinding, the vampire’s hand was frantically working to unzip his pants and pull off her bikini bottom at the same time.

“No, no,” she gasped. “Inside. Inside.”

“I’m trying to get inside,” he growled. “You could give me a little help here.”

“No, you dummy!” she growled back. “I meant ‘inside the house’. We’re out here in front of everybody.”

Spike raised his head and glanced around briefly. “What everybody?” he asked, genuinely perplexed. “The birds?”

Squirming out from under the muttering vampire, Buffy looked around suspiciously. “Not the birds – that meddling old fairy godmother. I just know she’s watching somewhere.”

Heaving a sigh, he gave in and quit trying to pull her back down. “Alright, pet. Have it your way. “ He stood up and scooped her into his arms in one easy motion, moving with vampire speed through the doors and into the shade of the house. When Buffy struggled feebly, declaring, “I can walk you know!” he silenced her with another kiss, almost running them both into the wall as he lost track of where the bedroom door was.

He dropped her onto the bed, following her down immediately and covering her body with his, all the while kissing her until she was dizzy with lust. This time, when he unzipped his pants, freeing his erection to lie against her bare stomach, she welcomed his action, shoving her hand between them and wrapping it around his hard shaft. His gasp and the involuntary jerk of his hips as she touched him brought a smile to her lips and she began to squeeze and stroke him as he shifted his attention to removing the two small scraps of cloth that made up her bathing suit.

Impatient, he pushed the bra top up around her neck, fastening his lips on first one nipple, then the other, suckling and licking until she was moaning his name. When he felt her trying to push his jeans down over his hips, he stopped momentarily and asked seriously, “If I get up and take them off, will you still be here?”

Buffy frowned at him. “Of course I will. Do you really think that if you stop touching me for a few seconds I’m going to change my mind?” At the abashed look on his face, she colored with a mixture of anger and embarrassment. “You do, don’t you? You think I can’t make this kind of decision unless you’ve got me so hot I don’t know what I’m doing.”

He rolled off of her and sat on the side of the bed, his now-idle hands dangling between his knees. “I just thought it might be easier for you if you didn’t have to think about it, is all.”

“Do you really want me that way?” she asked quietly. “Do you really want to make me do something you think I might regret later?”

“Bloody hell, no, Buffy!” His turned his head quickly, meeting her hurt eyes. “There’s nothing I want more than for you to look me in the eye and tell me you want me. But…but I’m not sure you would admit it to yourself even if it was true and I…I’m a weak man, pet. I want you. Any way I can have you.” He looked away. “I’m sorry,” he added so softly that she could barely hear him. “I’ve ruined it, haven’t I?” His shoulders slumped with dejection as he prepared himself for her rejection.

Rather than the angry dismissal he was expecting, what he heard behind him was the tiniest of sniffles, a small sound that wouldn’t have been heard by a human man. When he scented salt on the air, he turned quickly to find Buffy staring at him with wide eyes brimming with tears.

“Buffy? Love?” The anguish and regret in his voice was so real it was painful to hear.

“Am I that big of a bitch in your eyes?” she whispered softly. “Do you think that I’m that dishonest about my feelings that I would deny…You think I don’t want you? Do you think I don’t dream about kissing you and touching you and how about wonderful you made me feel when we were under that stupid spell? Do you think I don’t know what it could be like to be loved by you?

“You’re good, Spike, but you’re not THAT good. If I hadn’t made up my mind that I was willing to see where this could go, I never would have gotten into that hammock in the first place. Do you think I didn’t know what was going to happen? Do you think I didn’t want it? Yeah, you were seducing me – but news flash, fangface. It was a sure thing.”

Hope and joy transformed his face as he stammered, “Are you saying…Do you mean…?”

“I’m saying get those damn jeans off and get back over here before miss Short, Fat, and Cranky blames me for this fiasco!”

Spike had stood up, shed his pants and made his way back into the bed beside her before she had finished speaking. She blinked up at him, muttering under her breath, “Note to self, vampires can be very speedy when they want to be.”

“Vampires can be very slow when they want to be, too, love,” he purred, nuzzling her neck and rejoicing in the way her breath caught in her throat. To prove his point, he spent the next ten minutes coaxing the two pieces of bikini off her writhing body, using his lips and teeth to remove them only after he’d ensured, with every nip and lick, that she wanted them off even more than he did.

The afternoon passed into evening, the passing of time barely noticed by the lovers as they occupied themselves in the big bed. Spike gloried in being allowed the time to learn her body, to find out what she liked, what made her gasp and clutch him tightly, what could make her scream his name.

I’ll never get tired of feeling her shaking around me, squeezing me so hard I think I’ll burst inside her. Could stay here like this for the rest of my unlife and never miss the rest of the world.

Now that she had stopped denying– to both herself and Spike–how much she craved his touch, Buffy found that she could not get enough of it. Thanking the Powers that Be for vampire stamina all the while, she gloried in his response as she reached for him over and over. She used the time between mind-shattering orgasms to explore the beautiful body that she had tried so hard to ignore for so long. Her fingers traced his chiseled cheekbones, lightly touched his full lower lip and drifted down along his chest and abdomen to play with the curls surrounding his never-more-than momentarily soft cock as she attempted to commit him to memory.

I’ll never get tired of the way he feels against me, in me, filling me up. I could stay here forever, just letting him make love to me until we’re too tired to walk.

“Do you think this is what she meant by my ‘happily ever after’?” Buffy asked quietly, once they were finally just resting side by side. The vampire’s hand lightly caressed her arm and her hand gently stroked his chest as they basked in the afterglow.

“I bloody well hope so,” he declared fervently. “If it isn’t, you may as well stake me now, because I can’t give this up. Can’t give YOU up.”

“We have to go back, you know,” she whispered, her lips barely touching his nipple. “I have friends, a family, not to mention apparently, a key to protect .

“A boyfriend,” he said with no inflection. His body was suddenly as still and cold as a corpse.

She raised her head and glared at him. “Do you really think I could go back to him after…after this?” She gestured around them, not sure if she was talking about the bed or the whole dimension they were visiting.

“So you won’t?” he said hopefully. “You’re not going to kick me to the curb when we get back?”

She shook her head, letting her hair cover her face as she tried to give him an honest answer. “No, no curb. But it isn’t going to be easy. Dawn will be okay with it, once she gets over being jealous, anyway,” she giggled, reminding him of the crush her little sister was clearly holding for the sexy vampire.

“What can I say, pet? I’m irresistible,” he smirked, a bit of his old cockiness coming back at her words.

Ignoring him, she continued, “Mom likes you a lot, but I don’t know how she’s going to feel about me dating another vampire; you might have to do some work there…” She smiled at his snorted “Bloody poof”, and then continued down the list of people they would have to deal with when they got back. “Giles is going to wig, but he’ll get over it; you never really did anything to him. Jenny wasn’t your fault, that was Angelus, and if Giles can get along okay with him now, he should be able to handle being civil to you.”

Spike cocked his head at her. “You’ve given this some thought, haven’t you, love?”

She blushed and mumbled, “Well, yeah. I mean sometimes I would think about ‘what if’ and then I’d think about Xander, and Willow, and…”

“An’ you’d decide it wasn’t worth it,” he said with quiet resignation.

“That was before!” she responded indignantly.

“An’ now? Are you sayin’ it’s worth it now? That you’re willin’ to take them on? For me?”

“I’m saying, YOU’RE worth it. WE are worth it. Don’t you think so?” The voice that had been so sure suddenly trembled with a touch of uncertainty.

“I’ve always thought so, love,” he said, pulling her closer and nuzzling her neck. “Just never really expected you to agree with me.”

“I probably wouldn’t have if my fairy godmother hadn’t given us this chance,” she admitted. “I guess this is what she meant by showing some common sense, huh?”

“Well, it’s about time!” The fairy in question appeared in the doorway, a very self-satisfied look on her face. “And have you two no shame? Cover up!”

Buffy squealed and yanked a blanket up over them, glaring at the smirking fairy.

“Don’t you know how to knock?”

“Pffft!” The fairy waved her hand dismissively. “As if I couldn’t hear you screaming all afternoon.”

Grabbing the angry slayer and holding on as tightly as he could, Spike quickly asked, “So, your highness, does this mean we can go back home? Not that this isn’t a very nice place,” he hastened to add. “And not that we haven’t enjoyed our stay, but the Slayer has things she needs to do…demons to kill-“

The plump fairy looked them over carefully. “I don’t know,” she said, a dubious expression on her face. “I’m not sure that either one of you is going to be able to stick with this when you get back. I think you need to stay at least another night, and then I’ll decide.”

Without so much as a ‘good-bye’ she disappeared, leaving Spike holding onto a furious Buffy and calming her muttered tirade about ‘ripping her wings off’ and other such dire vengeance.

“Easy, pet,” he soothed. “She just said one more night. We can do that, yeah?”

Buffy had to admit that the idea of leaving their comfy bed and returning to her lonely room was not all that appealing; only slightly grudgingly, she allowed him to coax her back into a playful mood.

“That’s my girl,” he laughed as she waved a playful fist, mock-threatening to take out her frustration on him. “Lay it on me. Pick on somebody your own size.”


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