Moodboard/collage tribute to “My Life Closed Twice” by anaross

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Title: Moodboard for “My Life Closed Twice”
Creator: thenewbuzwuzz

Author’s notes
Based on “My Life Closed Twice” by anaross.
The idea to make moodboards for fanfic comes from a tumblr post that I saw sometime this year and didn’t manage to track down afterwards. My goal was to arrange pre-existing images and texts so that whoever looks at them would (ideally) feel like I feel when I read the fic.
Thanks goes to the generous freecat15  for quality cheerleading, helping me become unstuck, and providing the valuable perspective of someone who doesn’t see into my head, so that I could then ignore it. Any visual blunders are all mine.
I don’t own any images or other collage ingredients: sources at the bottom of the post.

Click for full size.

Blackboard background:×1024.jpeg
Villanelle rhyme scheme:
Roman statue:
“Go someplace…”:
“Close reading” (book page w/ underlined words):
SMG interview photo:
Rhymes of “demon”:
Poetry group:
Jen Mazza, “Books and Fingers” series:
“’Deeper’, she said…”:
Shelley, “Witch of Atlas” draft:
Writers’ block photo by Sharon Drummond:
SMG at fireplace:
Viaduct in the fog photo by Marko Korosec
The Brown Lady (ghost):
Sylvia Plath, “Elm”:
Colorado rock slide:


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