Mood board based on rahirah’s Necessary Evils

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Title: Mood board based on rahirah’s Necessary Evils
Creator: thenewbuzwuzz
Warning: mildly NSFW
Notes: Some visual associations with the fic Necessary Evils by rahirah. I do not own the images (sources below). My laptop protected me from running out of time by refusing to let me edit colors. Obviously, this does not exhaust the themes, imagery, or coolness of NE, but I didn’t feel like dragging it out another two weeks (or more).

Image sources:
Astoria Park Pool by Michelle Young via
“the One” by Hardiansyah Ardi via Flickr
100 Dollar Pool Game by Chris Pichado via Flickr
Homeless by Rian Castillo via Flickr
Direction by Yasmeen via Flickr
Cover for The Invisibles #20, Nov. ’98, by Brian Bolland (detail) via Pinterest
Video: Voodoo Lounging by CedarCoveTigerPark via YouTube
The Untitled by Nurul Huda via
Fridge magnet “kind, caring, compassionate, and kinkier than you’d expect” by beanforest via Etsy

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