Miscellaneous icons

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Hopefully I’m posting on the right day this time. Thanks to my inability to mark things correctly in my calendar I managed to miss my original date last month, but the lovely mods were gracious enough to give me a new posting day :)

EDIT: Added five icons that I somehow managed to leave out from the post last night.

1 btvs_afterlife_1 2 btvs_afterlife_2 3 btvs_chosen_1 4 btvs_deadthings_10
5 btvs_deadthings_11 6 btvs_fallofnight_1 7 btvs_oncemore_1 8 btvs_oncemore_2
9 btvs_outofmind_1 10 btvs_outofmind_3 11 btvs_smashed_1-1 12 btvs_somethingblue_2
13 btvs_somethingblue_3 14 btvs_somethingblue_1 15 btvs_somethingblue_5 16 btvs_storyteller_1
17 btvs_tabularasa_1 18 btvs_touched_1 19 btvs_touched_2 20 btvs_shadow_1
21 btvs_shadow_2 22 btvs_somethingblue_4 23 spuffy_210 24 spuffy_203
25 spuffy_206 26 btvs_normalagain_5 27 btvs_sb_

If you want any of these with text of your choice, just say the word nd I’ll customise the icon for you :)


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