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TITLE: “Kiss”

MEDIUM: Fiction, approximately 200 words


SUMMARY: This is a short excerpt from my 300,000 word novel, Imitation of a Man. The first chapter of IoaM was posted during the Spring, 2009 round of seasonal_spuffy. The remainder of the novel will be posted as a complete work, not a WIP, at my LJ in late December or early January. Many thanks to enigmatic blues for letting me make this excerpt available here.


It never failed to surprise: the downiness just below his earlobe where the slight rasp of shaved beard turned into hairs so fine they were all but invisible. She squeezed her eyes shut and inhaled the soap secent of his skin and let the small hairs tickle her; then skimmed her lips over the transition, tingling down to her toes with the contrast between softness and ever so faint scratchiness as she moved form his ear to the edge of his jaw, then across his cheek in a line of murmuring, nibbling kisses.

When her lips reached his, she breathed in mint and salt and the humid air that filled his lungs. The kiss, shy at first, became more forceful. Her tongue entered him, touched the yielding underside of his tongue, darted into the slick pocket betweeen his gums and lip, probed his human teeth, amazed to feel a small, previously unnoticed chip in one molar.While her tongue relearned the contours of his mouth, her right hand trailed upward along his arm, letting the curve of his shoulder and neck guide her till her fingers found and cupped the line of his jaw, stroked the scar in the sleek little mouse of his eyebrow, traced the shell of his ear. Delight… Contentment… Peace… She took her time and so did he, unhurried, hushed the two of them set free in another world.


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