It’s Postin’ Time! Part Deux.

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Hi guys! Everybody having a super good seasonal spuffy season? I know I’ve been enjoying everything so far! But alas, today is my day for an offering to the fandom gods and in supplication I’ve created 30, that’s right 30!, brand spanking new spuffy icons. Enjoy, lovelies!


As you can see, the first six are an ode to one of my favorite scenes, and every row after that has sort of a theme or some element that ties them together. I need to thank  for her invaluable input on these here icons, also credit goes to for her beautiful artwork and also  for her artwork as well. Please lemme know what you think! Credit if you take, don’t hotlink, yada yada yada. I love you guys!
1                       2                       3                       4                       5                       6

7                       8                       9                      10                      11                      12

13                      14                      15                      16                      17                      18

19                      20                      21                      22                      23                      24

25                      26                      27                      28                      29                      30


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