Illustrated Fanfic: Winter Lights [Master Post]

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Title: Winter Lights [0/6]
Media: fanfiction & fanart
Creators: the_moonmoth, wolveswithhats, kylathelurker, bewildered
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Giles, Andrew, OFC
Pairings: Buffy/Spike
Setting: Set shortly after ‘The Girl In Question’ and imagining it took place a little earlier than its air date.
Length: ~18,000 total (each chapter ~3,000)
Warnings: Attempted suicide and character death (both off-screen, but discussed)
Summary: Life, death, love, grief. Buffy takes a mission in the Arctic Circle with a slayer who never wanted to be and an enemy that barely compares to the one inside her own head.


    • Inspired heavily by the London Grammar song Sights.
    • This is a very personal story and a lot of people helped me out with it along the way. My very great thanks go to angearia for looking over an early version, torrilin for answering my questions about huskies, and yavannie82 and bewilde for excellent and comprehensive betaing, through which they have made this fic so tight it could float. Bottomless appreciation also to kylathelurker for a superlative alpha-read, cultural input and seemingly unending support and enthusiasm. They all helped me make this as good and as accurate as possible – any remaining mistakes are my own.
    • Further thanks to my lovely, generous and incredibly talented artistswolveswithhats, kylathelurker and bewilde who have produced some truly stunning illustrations for this story. Their art is indexed and credited below. Some pics are still on their way, however, so keep an eye out :) If you enjoy their work along with mine, I hope you will remember to let them know.
    • This story is now also available on AO3 and EF.
    • Constructive criticism is always welcome, and in fact encouraged. Enjoy!


Chapter 1 – “Whatever important place a hedgehog would have to go.”

Chapter 2 – “Here there be bloody dragons.” | Art by kylathelurker

Chapter 3 – “I don’t like you enough to put it into smaller words.” | Art by wolveswithhats | Art by kylathelurker

Chapter 4 – “I don’t know. I don’t know anymore.”

Chapter 5 – “Don’t die on a dark night.” | Art by kylathelurker | Art by bewilde

Chapter 6 – “That border at the edge of the campfire.”


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