Icons from “Once More with Feeling”

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Hi fandom, wow! still you are the better thing inside, how you make this! I’m so glad, nobody loves how you do, you have the heart so strong to go where no one else can, you’re in fire all the time, strange and wonderful vibrant people, you are the best example for this theme. And it’s the best time ever, I can take one episode like that and laugh so loudly when I walk in drama at the same time. Do you enjoy better now? with the passage of time?

This’s my first post in this community and thanks you guys for all, thanks for raising so many bridges between us. I’ve got some icons from “Once More with Feeling” to share, so I can tell you, sing with me your truth –glowing bitch.

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We will walk though the fire, and let it burn.
Why we can’t walk through the fire anyway.

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