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Hi everybody! Wow, I had to survive without internet for a week and I couldn’t respond to most of your comments and entries, I can’t tell you how sorry I am but I’m going to check out everything. Thanks to everyone and thanks to the mods for your hard work, I’m always late, sorry! but a pot of icons waits at the end of the rainbow, hope you enjoy. :)



rules / resources

• Credit sintonia or stnia would be nice.
• Love your comments!

Feel like a bit of a rough and tumble? I’m posting my graphics on tumblr after all, I used the same username stnia and well, It’s old stuff mostly and I’m pretty alone there, yeah, it’s not creepy at all. This is a little funny too because I’m a new stalker again but after twenty years around? It’s complicated. Anyway, if you have one I would like to add you. As you can see I’m totally bored without my fandom.

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