Icons: 18 Elemental Icons

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Title: Elemental Icons
Creator: the_wiggins

So, for this round of Seasonal Spuffy, I thought it would be fun to do a journey through Spuffy across the seasons, using the elements as a metaphor for the changing state of their relationship.

Here’s a preview:

Just to give a little bit of self-indulgent explanation of my thought process, the classical elements consist of earth, water, air, and fire. Aristotle posited a fifth element, aether (also known as quintessence), to make up the stars and the heavens. He just couldn’t imagine that they were made of the same stuff as the rest of existence. Of the normal four, fire was considered the closet to aether, followed by air, then water, and finally earth. So, I conceived of this project as a journey through the elements, season by season, starting at earth and ending with aether. In order to get representation for each season between 2 and 7, I cheated just slightly and used air twice.

This is my first time really going all out in making icons, and I was definitely doing a lot of experimentation. So I really want to hear what you think! Any and all types of feedback is welcome.

These are also all free to use however you want, just giving me some form of credit would be awesome.

I have them here at 200×200 pixels. The thought was that, while 100 seems to be the standard size most places, it couldn’t hurt to have them a bit bigger, hopefully allowing them to look good on a wider variety of sites. If you want another size, a color adjustment or any other tweak to one of these, don’t hesitate to ask!

EDIT: I have found that the 200 pixels size looks great on Tumblr, but is slightly distorted when used on Livejournal, which doesn’t scale the images down very well. Meaning that if you want to use an icon for this site it’s probably best for it to be exactly 100×100. But on Tumblr or other, more modern than LJ sites, probably use the bigger version. 100 pixel versions below.

bonus earlier variants:

Image Credits:
forest floor by Marta Pawlik
ocean by Nathan Dumlao
lightning by Derek Thomson
clouds by Tom Barrett
fire by Joshua Newton
galaxy Tengyart
screenshots taken from HD Buffy (eps used: School Hard, Becoming Pt. 2, Lovers Walk, Something Blue, Crush, Intervention, Smashed, Dead Things, As You Were, and Touched)

And a special thanks to thenewbuzwuzz, their video for this Seasonal Spuffy round definitely had some influence on the direction I went with the season 7/aether icons.

Originally posted at: https://seasonal-spuffy.livejournal.com/747520.html