Hey There, Blondie Bear (Part 1/?)

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My sincere apologies for posting a few minutes after my allotted day.  I didn’t expect to have Wi-Fi today because I’m at the beach and our landlord isn’t available to get the password from until Monday, but we ran into neighbors a little while ago who already had it.  So long story short, I was not expecting to be able to post today, I got Wi-Fi at the last minute, and that’s why I’m a bit late.

Title: Hey There, Blondie Bear (Part 1/?)
Author: gryfndor_godess /gryfndor_godess
Era: S9
Rating: PG-13
Genre: comics!fic
Summary: Being normal doesn’t include having a vampire for a boyfriend, even one with a soul, but Spike’s not willing to be just her friend anymore.  Is “normal” all it’s cracked up to be?  Is it worth the price?  Begins after issue #10 (which will be released 6/13), which is when Spike will temporarily leave S9 for his own miniseries.  5,200 words.

I started writing this exactly a month ago after the Spike miniseries was announced and some articles/interviews insinuating that Spike and Buffy couldn’t be together simply because he’s a vampire greatly annoyed me.  As more information has come out, I’ve reconciled to the idea of the miniseries, but writing fic is still how I patch up my abused little Spuffy heart.

This fic will probably be about 15-20K words in total.  About half of it’s written so far, and the rest is outlined, so it won’t be a WIP for very long.  I’ll either post more on free-for-all day or else post it on my LJ and link from this chapter.

Thank you to the mods for maintaining this wonderful community!

Part 1 (links to my LJ)