Headers + Icons | Road Trip

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.| Title: Headers + Icons | Road Trip
.| Creator: sintonia

.| 1 header | 800×400 | + 3 icons
.| 1 header | 900×500 | + 2 icons

Hi everybody! I absolutely loved your theme for this round, one of my favorite topics in a fic, not too much in the way of angst, usually somewhere in the future, a place where I can find rest. Of course, I can’t write anything lately but I have thousands of scenes thanks to you. This was a clear case of love, you are the perfect partner for this long road trip.

I made two headers and some icons for you. Seriously, I made a post-NFA header based on “Back Porch” by Lirazel and the best part was, his car was gone, maybe forever, but apparently it really doesn’t matter. I’m back in time with his DeSoto because that’s how it happens in my heart and I can’t stop laughing. Oh yeah, I don’t regret anything. Hope to come back with more icons later, I’ve got the day off but maybe it’s better any free days. Whatever you need, just let me know.

800×400 |Text “Thunder Road” by Bruce Springsteen. | Resources

Si uso por un momento el español ¿se entendería algo de lo que escribo? Thunder Road es una de mis canciones preferidas de Bruce, dudo que tenga que explicar por qué ¿cierto? Yo nunca participo en la ronda de banners porque no soy buena en eso, es la verdad, tampoco me siento tan cómoda en medidas grandes pero este header fue hecho para todos ustedes y esta fantástica comunidad que quiero desde hace ya tantos años. Siento no haber llegado a tiempo para entregarlo pero estoy infinitamente agradecida por todo el trabajo que hacen y todo lo que comparten dentro. Bueno voy a tratar de hacer un esfuerzo y escribir en ingles, leerlos me resulta tan sencillo pero escribir parece ir por canales diferentes.

OK! I stop speaking in Spanish because I’m afraid you don’t understand anything. I’m sorry, I apologize for my mistakes in writing. I hope you don’t try to take your eyes off with the coffee spoon.

900×500 | Post-NFA | Based on Back Porch by Lirazel. | Resources
Paintings Abstrakte Landschaft by Erhard Schreier | Before the storm & Camomille s Impression by Kasia1989

Maybe it’s a desperate plea for an author. A very old story, short and sweet with hot chocolate in the moonlight. It makes me feel warm inside, falling all over again into the back porch with them. It’s so simple because after all, for a moment, just happened the way it should be. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, this is how I imagine what happens next, maybe how I always imagined them after some years. That one last house on the edge of a village, someplace, a garden, where he would leave his car for a while at nightfall, a field where the sun sets every day. And it’s daytime and there are flowers all around, a hard contrast with both and between them but at the same time it’s who they are, not just how they look on the outside. As we all know, they constructed a strong personality because sometimes life turns against you, the damage in love, the fear but especially, love and death, that’s the kind of thing that changes you forever. And they try to hide their emotions from themselves and those around them, a way to defend their hearts from pain and loss. Of course, she’s better at this kind of stuff than anybody but she was not always like this, born to run, so fast. Well, Spike’s emotions are all over the place. I think somehow his heart never stopped beating, never. In S7 and after Chosen they are different, I like to think that somewhere, no matter how long it takes, they learn not to hide from each other. So there’s a garden, an open heart, a place to rest, an expression of love and what life can be. I told you, a very old story, not a road trip, a home, a frame for the end of the road, one of redemption. Here’s a story about hope, maybe we need to find a way and the ones who love us will find us.

Do you have with you a place, a mental picture, where they will meet together? A home, a last dance? Maybe a town, a Hellmouth? What do you mean, full of bloody conflicts? Well, yeah, that’s pretty real but I mean, a place you’d found some peace. I still think about it sometimes, what’s there at the end of the road.

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