Gifset: Sometimes, Love Is (worksafe)

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Title: Sometimes, Love Is
Creator: thenewbuzwuzz
Rating: worksafe (minor violence against a knight of Byzantium and that’s it)

1. Sometimes, Love Is (Chosen)
2. A Shared Struggle (Spiral) 3. A Shared Struggle (Flooded)
4. An Unlikely Victory (Becoming and Grave) 5. An Unlikely Victory (Touched, End of Days)
6. An Unconditional Partnership (The Gift) 7. An Unconditional Partnership (Never Leave Me)

“Sometimes love is a diamond ring, a wedding, a passionate kiss. Sometimes love is a shared struggle, an unlikely victory, an unconditional partnership.
And sometimes love is a chicken cutlet.”
Katie Cloyd (*ETA: alternative link)

What do you think? Is that a Spuffy sentence or what? :)) What moments would you have chosen to illustrate it?
This is baby’s first gifset, so if you make gifs and you see what I could do better next time on a technical level, feel free to let me know! I think several of these are way longer than they need to be, so the file sizes are pretty huge. I definitely plan to look into cutting the gif length more mercilessly in future. Also, I see that the way this displays on mobile leaves something to be desired. :)
I thought handwriting would look expressive and cool, but it ended up looking like correction fluid, so idk.
I used and GifCam (all hail) for capturing and a combination of two online tools named Ezgif and Gifgit for editing. Also a bit of Pixlr E for making the text transparent.

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