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Hideeho, Spuffyfiles.  This is my second time participating in Season Spuffy, but only my first time posting on Deamwidth.  So, please bear with me if I screw it up. :-P  For you, today, I have Spuffy gifs and icons:


  1. 2.
    3. 4. 5.

6.  7.

8. 9.
10. 11.

Numbers 1-5 quote Mark Twain, the song lyrics in numbers 6-9 are from “Holding out for a Hero” by Bonnie Tyler, and “talking buddies” is, of course, from the episode “Crush.”  Screencaps by me.  Credit is nice, but I won’t hunt you down as long as you don’t claim the work as your own.  Enjoy!

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