Full Circle: Part 8 & 9

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It’s my posting day! I’m finishing up “Full Circle.” Unfortunately, life happened and while I’m this close (imagine my fingers centimeters apart) to being finished, I’m not quite. *sigh* BUT… here’s a huge update for you, posted at my writing journal, writero. Enjoy!

Title: Full Circle
Rating: R
Medium: Fanfic
Setting: Early Season 3 and then it goes wildly AU after that

Author’s Note: This is most definitely an off cannon piece. I’m going to try to keep the characterization in cannon, but in the end I have to go where Buffy and Spike take me. Many thanks to ladypeyton! I couldn’t do this without you! I’ve reposted everything here – some has been tweaked – but mostly so you don’t have to go fishing for the story. Thanks to louise39 for some typo catches!

Disclaimers: Spike, Buffy and the Buffyverse are not my creations. They are the glorious brain children of Joss Whedon. Any liberties I take with the characters and the ‘verse are ‘cause he’s indulgent towards his fans. Some of the diner dialogue is directly from the original episode, “Anne.” The general concept of Drusilla leaving Spike for a chaos demon isn’t mine either. That’s from “Fool for Love,” Season 5. I didn’t write or create either! Please don’t say I did.

Warning: From here on in we’ve got some character death and torture going on. Also reference to Buffy’s previous relationship with Angel and some heavy Faith/Angel action going on. Don’t worry – there’s plenty of Spuffy to go around!

Also, the next parts are unbeta’d. If you catch some glaring errors, please PM me so I can fix them. Thanks!

Previous Parts Here (If you’re new to this fic or it’s been a while since you read the whole thing, I recommend starting here.)

Parts 8 & 9 Start Here

The conclusion will be posted on the free day, July 1!


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