Fool for Love: complicated gifs

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Title: Fool for Love complicated gifs
Creator: Double Dutchess
Rating: all worksafe

So these gifs were originally meant for last week’s Fool for Love anniversary, but I didn’t make it before the deadline then. (And in fact, I didn’t quite make it before the deadline today either, but I reckon it’s close enough.)

I call them complicated (not just animated) gifs because I wanted to do something extra with them. As a result of their complicatednes, the first four gifs have pretty big file sizes, so they may take some time to load; my apologies for that. Only the last one is uncomplicated and relatively small in size.





5. Uncomplicated bonus gif:

Because I’m rubbish at gif making, I simply made a number of mini-vids and converted them to gifs using video-to-gif.
Video clips are from HDBuffy
The danger sign photo is by Edwin Hooper at Unsplash

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