Ficlet: How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Words

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Title: How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Words
Author: Jen (the delinquent – one more week of classes and then finals, and then I get to all of the seasonal_spuffy reading/viewing reward goodness! *insert*chortle*)
Medium: The ficletiest of ficlets
Rating: G
Setting: post-NFA, on the occasion of an anniversary (because in my world, there would so be anniversaries!)

Last night, I had this strange dream. People insisted on expressing themselves in 100-word installments (I know, right? It would kill you!). There was even a word for it: “drabbling.” (Clearly, that third slice of pizza didn’t sit well. I blame the mushrooms you insisted on, by the way.)

I figured I’d try it, a “100 Words, From Me to You” drabble-y thing.

Here goes.

What?! It’s harder than it sounds! Like I can cram all of the love, the fights, the fire that’s us, into 100 words.

Ohh – wait!

I only need three.

We belong together.

How’d I do?


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