Fic(ish): How do you feel about Buffy now?

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Title: How do you feel about Buffy now?
Creator: the_wiggins and Transformer
Season/Era: NA
Author’s Note: Inspired by double_dutchess‘s fic “It’s a great story, don’t“, I decided to make my own Talk to Transformer fic using a line from my Seasonal Spuffy entry “A Guy Can Dream“as a prompt. Only the bolded parts are written by me. The rest are the inventions of a text predicting AI.

Do you think this is some kind of… cuddling relationship?” Buffy asked Spike, frowning. “Er, that sounds… nice.” Spike nodded. “I like it. It’s a first kiss.” She frowned again. “Well, if we’re going to kiss, I’d rather it was rough, maybe from a cool fall or something.” “We’ll just have to get the sex stuff down first,” Spike said in his usual poker voice. “That’s sort of what we have to do, first, but now we need the foundations of the relationship.” “All right,” she said, breathing a little easier. “I’ll have to talk with him about that, though.” She sat up and found herself suddenly kissing a little harder, at complete ease in Spike’s arms.

She froze, then remembered where she was; really, she wanted nothing more than to sleep in Spike’s arms.



Buffy woke up and grabbed a towel.

“Hey,” Spike murmured and sat up, rubbing his eyes. “Oh.” “So how are you feeling?”

“Not too bad. How were the conversations?”

“I got to tell you, really wasn’t sure if they were going to take you seriously.”

“Oh.” Buffy stared at Spike for a few moments and then started to roll her eyes. “Thanks for the joke, Spike. I am thoroughly embarrassed and offended by it. “

“I’m sorry, Buffy. I was making a point.” Spike had picked up the busskin from the table and was rapidly tossing it on the ground. “I apologize if it offended you.”

“It’s fine. It’s hard to remember that I’m dealing with an eighteen year old.” Buffy stretched out a hand to him. “Anytime. Come on, I’ll show you around for the day.” She stood and waited for him to start walking away. “Sister. Ask for me. Now.”

“Sister?” Spike asked Buffy, confused. “What about Dawn?”

Was she not still there? ‬”Daddy”s gone.”‬ Buffy’s voice was very tight as she said this. She didn’t want her father to be gone. She wanted him to be alive. “She hasn’t called me,‭ ‬or anything.” Spike seemed to think it over. ‬”‭ I know it’s hard.”‬ “Oh, I know,”‭ ‬he said. ‬”She’s still here,‭ ‬or she’s there.”‬ He was silent for a few moments before he continued. ‬”You know what I think?” Spike fiddled with his zippo while he considered how much to tell Buffy.

“I think Spike’s right, though.” Buffy hadn’t seen Spike for a long time, but she remembered the time they’d first met. She’d been fresh off the war in England and out of the Angel stasis for the past few months, and as soon as she saw the confused look on Spike’s face, she’d had him carted off to meet Faith, with orders not to appear in public without her. It had been terrible for Spike, really, but still it had been pretty unusual to have a potential angel’s face on the news. The two of them had never gotten to spend much time together until that time they’d fought Angelus.

  Both of them were terrified of him at the time, in very distinct ways, and for a long time they’d been probably the only two people in the whole series who hadn’t recognized each other, which made it kind of hard to get a read on who the “dirty witch” was. It was kinda perfect though.

Big won in the end. Sorta. A.K.A., you got there.

This is the kind of question I can’t help but be asked at these kinds of events, which is almost always: How do you feel about Buffy now, as a fan?

End note: That last question was Transformer’s not mine. I figured it was as good a place to end this thing as any.

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