Fic: Worth Waiting For

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Title: Worth Waiting For
Author: gryfndor_godess / on LJ, gryfndor_godess
Setting: S7
Word-Count: 6,000
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Um… UST?  Buffy!introspection?  The sunshine and daisies that is end-of-S7 Spuffy?  I don’t know…
Summary: She wants to give him the morning after he deserves.  Takes place during “Chosen,” starting after her nighttime talk with the First (i.e., this is not a FitB of the fade-to-black).
A/N: This fic is for lutamira , who requested “Anything Spuffy” four months ago when I was requesting prompts.  This was not my original SS fic (I’m posting it today because I only finished it a few days ago, so the timing seemed appropriate), and hopefully I’ll have the first chapter of my original SS fic, a WIP, up later today.  The link below takes you back to my LJ.

Thank you to veritysnickfic, and all the other mods who maintain this wonderful community!

“We’re gonna win.”