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Thanks for sticking with me on this one folks. You might have laughed when I said in earlier chapters that I usually finish my WIPs within a month, and this one took two years! But hey! I had a baby, and that was distracting and time-consuming :)

Without further ado, here is the final chapter.

Title: Where in the World is Buffy Summers?
Author: missus_grace
Rating: R
Summary: Wrapping up loose ends.

Dawn and Willow had found their way to the main room after they heard what Buffy was planning, and were able to enter when the magical barrier was lifted as Giles and Angel left with the slayers. Buffy sighed and prepared to go one more round with two people who were probably very upset with her.

“Want me to shoo them away, luv?” Spike asked, sensing her tension.

“No, that’s okay. Let’s just get it over with.” Grasping Spike’s hand for support, she greeted her sister and best friend. “Hey, guys.”

“I guess we missed the show, Willow,” Dawn said nonchalantly. “Too bad. I would have like to see Buffy with fangs and bumpies. And getting scared half to death and worrying about my only sister and wondering where she was for 2 days was so much FUN!” she nearly screamed. “I might have had a heart attack seeing her as a vampire and that would have felt just GREAT!” Willow placed a gentle hand on Dawn’s forearm, but the young girl shook it off. “And it’s perfectly okay to let two strangers in on it, but not your own sister? The one who would worry the most? Why am I not surprised that Spike is a bad influence on you?”

“That’s enough Dawn.” Buffy’s voice was firm and clear. “Willow would never have been able keep it secret. I love you, Wills, but you sing like a canary when you’ve got a big secret. And Dawn, you’re almost as bad as she is. We needed the complete element of surprise on our side to make it work.”

“So you pulled a big ol’ trick on Angel and Giles, letting them think Spike vamped you. Very funny. We were worried Buffy! This is so selfish of you! And mean! I hope he’s worth it Buffy, because you pretty much alienated a bunch of people today.” Having said her piece, Dawn visibly deflated and wiped away a few tears with the back of her hand. Buffy hurried to her and Dawn let her sister draw her into a hug.

“I know, Dawnie, I know. I’m sorry if you and Willow feel betrayed or left out. But imagine how angry I was that Angel and Giles deliberately kept Spike and I from each other. I needed to make a huge scene so it would finally be clear to them how important he is to me.” Smiling at her vamp, she beckoned him over. “And don’t blame Spike for any of this. It was all my idea.”

“Kidnapping the slayers wasn’t,” Dawn pouted.

“He had to get my attention, Dawn, and it worked. The girls weren’t hurt at all, just a little confused and scared.”

“It’s hard to believe one of my sodding plans finally worked, eh Slayer?” Spike grinned.

“Well, kinda off subject here, but gee Spike, you had some strong magic on this place. Where did you get that kind of power?” Willow was bursting at the seams with curiosity. She and the coven had tried everything they could think of to find Buffy and the other girls, then they’d run into the impenetrable barriers around Spike’s lair.

“I’ve got some old vamps with me Red, old and powerful. They mostly kept a low profile over the decades and were glad to see their mojo was still working.”

“They must be some kind of powerful alright. They might be dangerous though, don’t you think?”

“Not everyone who has great power is seduced by it, Red,” Spike said pointedly, causing heat to rush to Willow’s cheeks. “And not all demons are automatically bad. I think your lot has been slowly figuring that out over the years. Now that you’re in an older part of the world you might run across more of these old and powerful demons. Or you might not – there’s a reason they’ve managed to stay alive all these years. But that’s a chat best saved for another time. Buffy and I want to make sure you know you are both welcome here. And we want you to stay with us, at least Dawn. There’s plenty of room.”

“Yeah, right,” scoffed Dawn. “You seriously think your little sister would be safe around all these vampires.”

“I do, Dawn, or we wouldn’t have asked.”

“Why can’t Spike come and live with us?” The needy little girl inside of her popped out, unbidden until Dawn forced her away again. “Assuming that I’d approve such a thing.”

“I think it would be a bit awkward for the Master of London to live at the Slayer Training Academy,” Buffy laughed.

“You’re not going to give up being Master?” asked Willow.

Spike shook his head. “As much as I hate to admit it, and you’ll never hear this coming from me again, but Angel does have a point in working at Wolfram & Hart. Sometimes evil is best fought from the belly of the beast.”

“Don’t I get any say at all?” queried Dawn. “I shouldn’t have to feel unsafe when I go to bed at night.”

“You’re technically still a minor child, Dawn, and you’re supposed to stay with me. But it’s your choice. There are other girls your age at the Academy and they do well enough. But I really want you with me. And this place isn’t so bad. Besides, Spike is really whipping these guys into shape. He thinks we might be able to do some travelling. And even though I’m through with Giles, I’m still available for Slayer business.”

“So you really cut all ties with him?” asked Willow.

“I did,” replied Buffy. “I trust him with the mission, but I don’t trust him with me.

The group stayed quiet after Buffy’s declaration, then Dawn broke the silence with a huffy sigh.

“There’d better be enough room for all my stuff. And you , buster!” she growled, jabbing a finger in Spike’s direction. “I’m not sure how I feel about you yet, but if Buffy trusts you, then I do, too. You’d just better be able to keep us in the lifestyle to which we’ve become accustomed.”

“Which is what?” the vampire snarked back. “Watcher chic?”

“You’re one to talk!” Dawn retorted. “Who’s ever seen a vampire with a buzz cut? And you are so getting me one of those,” she said, point towards the thrones.

“Of course, Princess. We’ll get you a cute, little chair, paint it pink and put it next to Buffy’s.”

Willow slipped closer to Buffy as Spike chased Dawn out of his throne. Dawn shrieked and the chase was on. She led him around the room, laughing, as he followed her in game face, never quite catching her.

“I think she’s finally made up with him, Willow,” Buffy smiled indulgently at the antics of her sister and lover. “It would have made living all together tough if she held onto that grudge.

“Will you really be happy here, Buffy?” Willow asked. “I can see that you’re happy to be with Spike, but I want to make sure you’re here for the right reasons, and not just because you’re mad at Giles.”

“Like I told Spike, as long as we’re together that’s all we need. He searched around the world for me, Wills, and he’s willing to follow me anywhere. But I’ll never have to worry about where home is, because it’ll always be where we are.

And with that the Slayer tapped her old friend lightly on the shoulder and whispered, “Tag – you’re it.” The walls of the non-descript warehouse echoed with the shrieks and laughter of a happy family, glad to be together no matter where in the world they might be.



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