Fic: Valhalla Prologue

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WHO: Sir William the Bloody and Boudecia the Lionhearted, aka Spike and Buffy

WHAT: Banded Warriors fated to guard Earth and the Heavenly dimensions along with their brethren for all time.

WHEN: 800 years from now, 5 years ago, a week ago last Tuesday

Where: Valhalla

WHY: Because we like you. :P 

Boudecia was barely able to stand after the battle finished. She was leaning heavily on a wall and looking around for her lover of over seven hundred years, William the Bloody. Of course he was on the other side of the great hall listening to the words from the mages that were currently trying to shut the portal that reached from Valhalla back to earth. It was just like that asshole, she wanted to be cuddled, then rode hard and put away exhausted and Spike was listening to the damn mages. Boudecia then caught what they were saying. Something about someone having to go through, back to earth, so that it would close.

She was moving in an instant. She knew her man to well. Once more than eight hundred years ago he had accused her having a martyr complex. He had seriously been projecting. She knew he would sacrifice himself and their happiness to save everyone here.

Spike looked at the glimmering portal his eyes filled with trepidation, after all according to the now dead spell caster someone had to go through to close it. He looked back at these warriors around him. The first friends he had ever had. In life he had been to much of a wimp and as a vampire he had been missing something needed for people to even like him, only now in death as a warrior of Valhalla was he truly accepted and liked, and that was the kicker. There were none here that would not give up their eternal rest to save their companions, and in a Heaven filled with warriors several fights had broken out over who was to be cursed to once again wander the mortal coil. Who there was going to give up paradise to return to Earth. To William the Bloody there was no choice. He was truly Love’s Bitch even if it be filial love that moved him. These here had given him what he had never experienced in life. In a Hall filled with the likes of Gilgamesh, Sigmund and Odysseus, Spike was accepted as equal and Brother.

He watched these warriors, his brothers, his sisters, and the greatest, most noble warriors that Earth had ever seen, and knew he couldn’t allow them to leave. Each and everyone had earned this respite a thousand times. More so they had given him a sense of family for the first time in his existence. Here, all were equal all were respected. And William the Bloody Awful Poet refused to allow these great champions to once again suffer the mortal coil.

Boudecia watched the warrior the others called ‘Spike’, the man she had once known as William. The one that in her last life her own stupidity had nearly destroyed. She had broken his heart and damn near broken his spirit. The short hazel eyed, blonde haired former slayer tried to mirror his movements. He was her once and future love and she would be damned if she would allow him to do what she knew he had planned. If Spike went back then if she had her way the Buffy he would see there would be the new and improved model.

Spike was one of the more junior warriors here, and though well respected none would have listened to his idea of going himself, all knew to well that Earth had truly been hell for him. He kept his mouth shut as he stepped by the fighting warriors and simply stepped through the portal the last thing he heard was Boudecia yelling “William…. NO!”

The famous warrior woman fell to her knees behind the closed portal. Her heart, her soul, and every fiber of her being focused on one task, going back to save Will. Her eyes clenched shut and the veins in her head and neck throbbed as she focused her not inconsiderable will to the task at hand.

“What dost thou attempt sister?” Galahad asked her looking down at the woman that in their first life had truly been his younger sister with a smirk.

“To save him.” She cried through her tears. “Someone has to love him.” Her tears fell freely now as she admitted this to one of the few that in her various lives that had never broken her trust. She knew that Sir Galahad greatest knight of King Artos’ court truly approved of her choice in mate and that meant more than the superfluous crying and gnashing of teeth of the so called scoobies.

“Then thou perchance do need the help of all here?” He smiled at her. “All you have to do little sister is but to ask.” And the one of the pure spirit did motion for all their to help and so they did, all too eager to once again be allowed to ‘save the day’. In the end even the gentle Valkyrie Goll, that had been the one who chose both William and ‘Boudecia’ did relent and Boudecia’ spirit did loose from heaven and slip back to the mortal coil, only minutes after her love.

And with that the combined hero’s of Earth did festively fall to the task of watching the new and improved story of their brother William and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Spike blinked once, then twice and found himself standing in a home he knew he had seen before it took a few minutes for everything to register but when the redheaded female said. “It’s Faith, she’s awake.” Then he knew bloody well knew and tears began running down his face. Buffy was here… this truly was hell.
How could he even now after so long live this close to the one who had shattered his heart, his very soul so many times.

The pain was more though than just emotional; his lungs did burn with every gasp of air that his age old spirit did require his long unused internal organs to take. Every beat of his long dead heart shot pain through his chest and to his very extremities. ‘Not gonna want a shag for a long while.’ He thought to himself with a macabre grin.

Rupert Giles was the first to notice Spike’s tears. The Watcher at first thought of offering help but quickly hardened his heart for he knew truly that William the bloody just bided his time until he could kill them all. Despite what he had shared with the blond, Spike wasn’t a human, he was a vampire and would gladly destroy every human in the room especially Buffy, Giles’ slayer and one of the truly most remarkable people he had ever known.

“What is the problem, William?” He asked the distraught vampire derisively.

“Not seeing how it’s your business Rupert.” Spike answered him through clenched teeth. It hurt more to know that now he truly understood the Buffy of so long ago. In Valhalla he had been at peace, at rest, loved. Here it just hurt to breathe.

“With us taking you in and saving your sorry ass from a much needed time out by the Initiative?” Xander mock answered. “I think you owe us big time.” The brown haired boy covered his jealousy as best he could, knowing the truth and fearing it. He knew that as long as he could keep the vampire pigeonholed as evil and disgusting the truth he knew would never happen. Buffy would never once again fall for a dead body and make him,feel useless. Yet even as his jealousy ate at him like acid his glance fell upon Anya, his own love and he felt shame. How could he lust so hard for Buffy, a woman he knew he would never have when he himself already had his own perfection, his love, Anya? He hardened his heart quickly after all he was doing this for Buffy’s own good.

“Yeah mate, chaining me in a bath tub and ridiculing me to salve your bloody tiny ego?” Spike wasn’t in game face now only because he no longer had one. “The way I see it all I owe you is not killing you.” And he was surprised that he meant it. These people had done more to break his ego, his very spirit, in a few short years than Angelus had accomplished in twenty.

Even as the Wiccan lovers moved away from him Buffy moved to defend her friends. Stake in hand, she moved to once again beat Spike into obedience. “And what do you owe me, Spike?” She asked as she swung for his nose. Buffy was infuriated, not at his actions, to be honest she silently agreed with him, but by his very being there. How long did she have to fight this temptation? He was evil, she hated him, so why did her treacherous body thrum to his presence?

Spike blocked her fist easily. “To let you live out your boring piss poor excuse for a life. Till one day after you figure out that these berks were only using you and you’re an old maid with a dozen cats. Then you remember that once there was a man named Spike that really and truly loved you and that if you had had half the courage you think you have that you could be surrounded by great grandkids and not bloody felines.” He shoved her away from him and walked through the door going outside.

Even as he left Buffy looked at her watcher. “Spike loves me?” she asked him. Equal parts disgust and pride warring in her voice.

“Spike thinks he loves you,” Xander put in quickly. “Because he’s soulless and can’t love.” This had to be nipped in the bud Spike, love and Buffy were not to be used in the same sentence, if they were then Xander’s whole world would implode.

Everyone in the room agreed but the shy young Wicca named Tara who looked as if she had seen a ghost…or an angel. And the young woman felt shame in not defending him.



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