Fic: Used

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Title: Used: continuation of Haunting Memory
Author: Anna aka multi_facetedg
Rating: G
Pairing: Spike/Buffy
Note: I kept forgeting to send this to my beta so I’ll edit this post later with the beta’d one. Since I proof read this myself. If you notice errors feel free to point them out. Constructive criticism is welcomed. 


Buffy couldn’t stand it anymore. The Immortal had caught her off guard, asking her what she was thinking about. Before she realized what she was doing she replied, “Spike.” He let out a hoarse laugh.

“I had him in my clutches once but I wasn’t interested in him or Angelus just wanted to have around with their woman.”

“I’ve heard interesting stories about you, and those two vampires and I just couldn’t resist a chance to stick it to them again.”

“You’re sick! Don’t ever come near me again!”

“If you care for that Spike so much, if you’re so connected to him why haven’t you figured out he is still alive?

“What? You lying filth!”

“Take a trip to L.A. and find out for yourself. He is staying with Angel.”

He was still laughing as she ran out the door.

I’m going to be posting more graphics later on.


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