Fic (sort of): Wish You Were Here (1/7) by Quinara

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Yep, this is my day! I’ve got a longer stand-alone coming later, but for now it’s the first part of something else, which was supposed to fit in with the whole ‘Around the World’ thing. Hope it works!

Title: Wish You Were Here (1/7)
Author: Quinara
Rating: Reasonably high PG-13?
Summary: In Buffy’s apartment there is a spare and somewhat dusty room. In that room there is an old and somewhat dusty bureau, that no one remembers buying. In that bureau there is an ugly and somewhat dusty diary for 1997, that no one rememberes buying, which no one really thinks about because it isn’t all that important anyway. This diary doesn’t close properly.

Warnings: Death/grief

The Rhineland 


Seville I


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