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Chapter 26  Call On Me

When the rain is falling

and you feel like a stranger

and the time is  passing you by

It is a lovely time

 and you want to fly.

Call on me

I’ll be by your side.

-Bad Company

 Call on Me

Buffy was amused as she watched Spike tie the former Watcher to his chair. He’s enjoying that way too much. When he stood back up, she gestured for both he and Giles to meet her in the hall.

Buffy stood in the old fashioned hall and briefly reflected on the two men who had followed her without question.

Giles quietly waited against the far wall. One of his main strengths was an almost indefatigable capacity for understanding a problem and striving for a solution. His patience and intelligence shone from his eyes and he loved Buffy as if she were his own daughter. His Watcher’s path was well marked with a strong moral compass. He was her tower of strength, always sure of the right thing to do and he would do whatever she asked of him. Unquestionably.

Fidgeting and leaning forward on the balls of his feet stood Spike, her soul mate. The vampire’s impatience was legendary. Quick witted, brave and strong, he matched her in every way, instinctively he understood her need and love for the hunt. He loved her profoundly. His love was so strong that she’d only just begun to realize his depth of commitment. His path to the light was really just beginning, but Buffy had no doubt that he would achieve it, if only because he wanted her to be proud of loving him. He would do anything for her. Even die.

A sharp pang of sadness shot through her because tonight one or both of them might die and if they lived, it meant that she had probably died. As the Slayer, it was her job to make these types of decisions, but it still hurt.

She only hoped that if the unspeakable happened they would find it within themselves to comfort each other because the one thing that these two very different men had in common was their Slayer.

“We need to prepare for tonight. I’ve decided on a plan…”



The posse returned empty handed from their search in the desert and the Sheriff had given them permission to go home. Once the last man had ridden off for either home or the saloon, the rider stood. He needed to be with the other demons now; the moon would be up soon. Tonight they would be united once again. They would gain strength from the full moon and from each other, just as it had been in the past before the hated Council had pulled them asunder. Working together, it would be impossible for anyone to stop them. They would once again glory in destruction and then become even stronger.


Spike lit a cigarette. He and Giles were still standing in the empty hallway. After telling them her plan for tonight and brooking no arguments from either of them, the Slayer had strode away to change and pick up weapons.

Spike smoked and watched Rupert from under hooded eyes.

Giles removed his glasses and began studiously polishing them.

Spike searched the Watcher’s naked eyes, trying to gauge his thoughts. Rupert’s eyes were bleak. Spike figured they mirrored his own.

“Since the stubborn bint refused to listen to any other opinion earlier, what do you think of the Slayer’s plan?”

Giles frowned and his face creased with worry. “Well, I agree that we need to take the crystal out into the desert. Buffy’s right about getting it away from town before any innocents are hurt.”

Spike exhaled. “I get the first part where collateral damage might be a problem.” He balled his fists tightly. “I’m talkin’ ‘bout the second part, the actual plan that isn’t a plan, but bloody suicide for the Slayer.”

Giles grimaced. “It’s reasonably thought out, but I do see a couple of holes.”

Spike glared. “A couple of holes?  Watcher, I think your Slayer’s done a nutter.” He took a deep breath and steadied himself. “Rupert you know as well as I do that if this all goes to hell, Buffy’s set herself up. She’ll die.”  He straightened up. “There won’t be anything that we’ll be able to do about it.”

Rupert answered firmly. “We’ll just have to make sure that doesn’t happen.” He put his handkerchief away and sighed. “Spike, if this doesn’t succeed, everyone dies. Not just in this dimension, but everywhere. We absolutely can not allow the horsemen to take the crystal and Buffy understands that.”

Spike threw his cigarette out the open window. “And I was really starting to enjoy the western ambiance.”


Buffy slid the knife into her boot as the door opened. She’d deliberately taken her time getting everything together. She knew Spike wouldn’t let this go, so she’d waited here for him. She really needed him to understand.

Spike was across the room and hugging her almost before she could turn around. He beseeched her. “Buffy, don’t do it. The plan is bloody insanity.”

He pulled back and searched her face intently. “I won’t let you do this alone Slayer, it’s much too dangerous.”

Buffy sighed. “Spike, I have to do this alone.”

“But Slayer, remember your dream? What happened to me standin’ at your side?”

“Spike, the reason I can do this is because you are at my side.” Her expression implored him to understand. “Without you and Giles there wouldn’t be any chance at all for this to work.”

“I’ll be watching your back anyway.” His expression was fierce.

Buffy smiled at him softly. “I know. That’s what I’m counting on.”

She kissed him and linked her hand with his. “Come on, we’ve got people and the crystal to relocate. We’d better get going; the sun will be down in an hour.”


Willow carefully balanced the covered crystal as she carried it through the hotel, Tara at her side. Although the rebuilding spell had taken awhile to perform, it had worked perfectly, at least as far as she could tell. Until they actually tried to reset the crystal, they really wouldn’t know. And there was another niggling detail that really concerned both Willow and Tara. According to the information from one of Teague’s books, the crystal could take up to thirty minutes to set with a new dimensional address and that sounded like a lifetime.

Willow walked out the side door of the hotel, her breath caught and then she giggled. “Is this how we’re getting out to the desert?” She ran her eyes across the barouche carriage and its team of horses.

She noticed Buffy standing beside the beautiful carriage. “How did you ever get this?”

Buffy smiled and pointed toward Spike.

Spike grinned. “What good is winnin’ at poker if you never buy anything with the dosh?”

He jumped up lightly and reached down to gallantly offer her a hand. “Come on Red, this is your chance to enjoy bein a part of livin’ history.”

Willow carefully handed the crystal to Tara and lifted her skirt. Her eyes twinkled.  “Does this mean that you’ve enjoyed being a part of the dead past?”

Spike barked a laugh as he helped her up.

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