Fic: Once Upon A Time

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Hello to all!

I’m very pleased that we’ve started again and though posting on the second day is a little scary, I hope you enjoy what I’ve got for you.

Medium: Fic
Rating: G
Pairing: Spuffy

Once upon a time, in a country far far away, a tiny girl with long blonde hair was a hero.

Only, not so long ago, and in this day and age of planes and really fast trains, it wasn’t so far away, either.

But she was quite short and her hair was long and blonde and she was most definitely a hero. She kept the world safe from monsters of all kinds: monsters with slime and monsters that mangled time, monsters with claws and monsters with big hairy paws, monsters that were very tall and monsters that were very small.

No matter what, she fought them all. And she always won.

There was one monster she fought with more than any other. They fought in alley-ways and factories, in broad daylight (once) and in the darkest part of the night (much more often), with weapons and words and it didn’t take long (in the grand scheme of things) before they weren’t fighting – quite so much. And they fell in love.

Of course, they realized they were in love at different times. The monster-who really-wasn’t-much-of-a-monster-at-all-anymore fell in love first. He didn’t know how to tell her, of course, and he went about it in a very bad manner. The hero didn’t believe him and she didn’t trust him. But the end of the world came, as it always did, and she learned that even monsters can be trusted. She trusted him with her sister and the hero did what heroes do and she saved the world.

But the world had to go on without her for a while and when it got her back, she wasn’t the same. She didn’t feel like a hero anymore and she didn’t know if she still wanted to be one. But the monster that loved her knew he still wanted her, more than anything. And that helped to bring her back, a little.

But monsters and heroes can’t be together easily and things got bad and this got dark and things got messy. The monster and the hero hurt each other, very badly, and the monster had to leave. He couldn’t be a monster — even if he was barely one at all, anymore – and still love a hero. He went on a quest. And he came back not-a-monster. And he came back broken.

The hero saw how he had changed and she realized that she had changed too. She wasn’t the one who was falling apart: she was the one who had to glue the pieces back together. They found a way towards each other, slowly and painfully, but there wasn’t enough time. The world ended again and they stopped it, the hero and her sister and her friends and at her side, the not-a-monster. He died for the world, as she had died for it. She told him she loved him, and though he said he didn’t believe her she knew that there would be a time when he would believe. And they would be together.

But for the tiny blonde hero girl it seemed like a very long time. She didn’t think there was any way she would be able to see the not-a-monster that she loved again. And she mourned him and she cried and she leaned on her friends and slowly she made a place for him in her heart and she moved on. She hadn’t stopped loving him, but she didn’t stop living either.

The one day, she found out he was alive, and he was in trouble. She was needed. He needed her help.

She called her friends and told them of the trouble: the dragons, the portals, the end of the world – again. And she told them what she had to do and she asked them to help her.

They grab their weapons – the knight with one eye has a sword, as does the wise man. He also has his knowledge. The wise man’s apprentice, the hero’s sister, has an axe in one hand and in the other she carries a knife that will let her bleed and let them all travel to the side of the not-a-monster. The witch has no weapons, as all of the ones she uses ride inside and the hero’s twin, her darker half, the one who fights on the right hand side of the her, as the not-a-monster fights on the left, she has a knife, long bladed and curly, and she has her boots.

The hero has a scythe, red and strong and it sings with power. So does the hero, in her head, at the joy of the fight, the joy of the win.

The joy of her not-a-monster, back in the world.

Back to be loved.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Until the world ended again.


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