Fic: Goldilocks and the Bear

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Title: Goldilocks and the Bear
Author: Garnigal
Era/season/setting: Post everything (sweet togetherness)
Rating: G

Goldilocks heard the low rumbling snore as soon as the door swung open and froze. Someone was here… and that someone was sleeping.

Goldilocks froze. Waking the sleeping bear would bring down the wrath of hell. The door was still open; tiptoeing back out was an option. But Goldi was exhausted and starving, having been out all night already. The first rays of the sun were peeping through the trees. Surely, Goldi could manage to keep utterly silent while finding food and falling into bed?

First up – get rid of the boots. The only thing worse than waking the bear would be waking the bear and having it find a dirty floor. Goldi sat on the bottom step and carefully removed each boot, setting them down silently. At least, trying to. One of the boots slipped from Goldi’s fingers, hitting the floor with a resounding crash. Barely breathing, Goldi listened for the low rumble to turn into a growling roar. Only the sounds of the bear rolling over filtered down the stairs.

Sigh of relief. And Goldi was getting the hell away from the stairs. They were like a funnel, carrying every sound upstairs.

Goldi headed for the kitchen. No warm bowls of porridge in this house, but the coffee maker had automatically cycled through, and three mugs sat beside it, waiting for the bear to stumble down. Goldi grabbed a mug but avoided the coffee, reaching into the fridge for something else. The scent of fresh coffee would definitely wake the bear; besides, Goldi wanted to sleep in the near future. Goldi preferred the drink warmed, but the thought of the microwave’s loud beep made Goldi cringe. Cold it was.

Goldi savored the drink, but all too soon it was gone. Typically, Goldi would head upstairs to sleep, but there were too many risks – creaking stairs, clothes rustling, cool air on skin as the sheets were raised. The bear would wake for sure. The couch wasn’t the most comfortable, but it was dim and quiet.

Goldi settled on the couch, rolling a few times to get comfortable. For three blessed hours, the house was silent, bear snoring and Goldi snoozing.

“Buffy, Spike, I’m home!” Dawn slammed the door behind her, dropping bags and shoes everywhere, keys rattling into the tray.

Spike rolled off the couch to help collect her things quietly.

“Niblet, Buffy’s got a cold. Sent her back home to try and sleep it off and she was snoring like a bear when I got in. Try not to wake…”

“Snoring? Bear? I do not snore even when I’m stuffed up, and I certainly do not appreciate being compared to a bear.”

Goldi-Spike grinned up the stairs at his girl glaring down, bleary eyed and mussed, still warm from sleep. “Of course not love. Wasn’t you I heard from the sidewalk, but an actual bear crawled between the sheets.”

“I’m a lovely princess when I sleep, a real-life Sleeping Beauty. And I’m waiting for my kiss…”

Spike smiled at Dawn. “Duty calls, Dawnie. Must wake the princess.”

Dawn rolled her eyes and headed for the coffee pot.

“Spike! You drank your blood out of my mug! Ewww!”

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